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Seahawks Training Camp day 4 open thread

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

I haven't been able to get to training camp yet but there have been some really pretty interesting revelations thus far.

I'll go into more detail tomorrow, but here are a few things I found intriguing:

-- Jaye Howard has gained 15 pounds of 'good weight' and is now playing at 301 - per Pete Carroll. This means he was only at 285 or so last year and probably part of the reason he only was active for two games. They have Howard taking snaps at 5-technique this year and Dan Quinn remarked that his 'strong hands' are one of his best attributes. This helps with man-handling opposing tackles and dominating at the point of attack, getting off of blocks, etc, so it'll be interesting to see how he does at that new spot (in addition to being, now, the perfect size for the 3-technique position).

-- Stephen Williams has been one of the surprise stars of camp. Williams was a camp superstar in Arizona for two years and I remember reading somewhere that John Schneider was ecstatic when they were able to sign the 6'5, 208 pound receiver. Williams wasn't able to stick on a deep Arizona wide receiver corps because he's not a special teams guy, but I wonder if that's something the Hawks would look past if they like his red-zone potential and potential to be a Sidney Rice proxy/backup.

Ok, what has stuck out for you guys?

Here's the live video player - Training Camp stream is expected at 10:30 or so.

Live Video Player
We will be broadcasting live from Seahawks Headquarters in Renton, Wash. for 60-minutes every practice during Training Camp presented by Bing.