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Seahawks Training Camp: Week One in Pictures

A pictographic representation of the past week at Seahawks Training Camp.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

It's fun to look at pictures and write things. Most of these things will not be as funny to you as they are in my head. I encourage e'rybody to steal pictures, and write their own funny things. I want to see a wall of green in the comments section. And away. We. Goooooooo!!!!!!!!


1. The sun was shining, the Osprey were "ca-cawing", and the sweat of honest, hardworking men filled the air. It was a gorgeous day for practice. And suddenly, like the flash of a lightbulb, Percy felt a pain in his hip.


2. "Alright, we're racing for pink slips! Time to separate the fast from the overly furious!"


3. "NO! Marcus, you don't even have a helmet on. Coach, Marcus doesn't even have a helmet on!"


4. "How long, theoretically, can I hold this pose before they realize I don't know what to do next?"


5. "This asshole has been standing like that for 30 minutes."

"Quiet John...he's progressing through his reads. What a technician."


6. "Huuugh! Yup, that's definitely a Tee-Dee. More like Brady Winn, am I right?"


7. "Dafug? This ain't Kobe Bryant..."


8. And there it was. It had been nestled in his brain the whole time. The Monolith was the representation of the transcendence of Man; a cyclical evolution of ape to space-baby. The tools weren't necessarily evil, it was the evil in Man that made them weapons of murder! Russell felt his mind get blown like it was on vacation in Tijuana.


9. "Hmm, I daresay that Coach hath placed extra meat upon his rump."


10. "No! Dadgumit, Red! I said "Toe Loop" THEN "Triple Lutz". We are never going to win Regionals if you don't pull your head out. Now...AGAIN!"


11. "It ain't the size of your balls, Brady. It's the erection they swing under."


12. If "Shook Ones pt. II" isn't playing in your head right now, then you looked at this picture wrong. Ain't no such thing as halfway crooks.

Photo Credit:

Steven Bisig - USA Today Sports

Joe Nicholson - USA Today Sports