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Seahawks Training Camp: notes from Tuesday's practice

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Danny wanted me to share some thoughts from training camp, so while I didn't keep any detailed notes, here's what I noticed. I was able to visit on Tuesday, July 30th, which was a few hours before the Percy Harvin hip surgery news broke. Now that Percy Harvin news has justifiably dominated the headlines AND the Seahawks have had another open practice on Wednesday, it seems a little late to post these notes - but these still may be helpful, so here goes.


* I got to sit on the berm with a friend from work and Brian Nemhauser (aka Hawkblogger) in gorgeous weather and a packed house (packed berm). It was the first fully padded practice, with fully padded pants, the offense wore blue tops and the defense wore white tops.

* One young guy that flashed to me was UDFA T Alvin Bailey, who took the 2nd team LT reps and did well working one on one pass rush drills. Unless he stinks up the preseason, I think Bailey makes the 53-man cut; he is a little short to be an NFL Tackle, but has long arms, and does not look out of place on an NFL practice field. On the other hand, based on what I saw, I don't think 7th round LEO/LB Ty Powell is going to make the 53 - all the tackles handled him easily 1-vs-1.

* Additionally, Jordan Hill looked nice, getting penetration and flushing Russell Wilson from the pocket, forcing a TFL on another play, and almost coming down with an interception on a batted ball. This is a guy that isn't extremely big, but gives 100% effort on every play. He looks like a more interesting player to me than Big Jesse Williams. I think Big Tony McDaniel is ahead of Big Jesse right now for a spot in the base defense.

*Jaye Howard looks good, and he's a guy that disappeared last year. Byron Maxwell is going to make the team as well, I think he may be ahead of Jeremy Lane and Tharold Simon hasn't suited up yet with his foot issue. Maxwell picked Russell Wilson during team drills and the beat-writers say he has looked good every day.

*O'Brian Schofield couldn't get around Alvin Bailey or Breno Giacomini when they were matched up 1-vs.-1, but I give him a pass on his first day.

*I saw all the TEs making some plays, not jaw dropping plays, but just good solid football plays downfield - including Michael Palmer, Sean McGrath, Luke Willson and Cooper Helfet.

* I heard Russell Wilson had his best day on Wednesday (today), which is good to hear. On Tuesday - the day I went - he didn't look bad, but he wasn't playing up to the standards of where I believe he wants to be in terms of throwing on rhythm, on 3rd down, and in the red zone. I saw one play where he held the ball, and then rolled right after a long time and hit Mike Robinson for a gain of 15 (basically making something out of nothing - which is very common for Russell).

* I saw another play where Jordan Hill penetrated the pocket, and Russell Wilson scrambled to his left, and hit a crossing Doug Baldwin for about 25 yards as Baldwin crossed over to the sideline. Just a great play all around, from Baldwin, Wilson and Hill. But I already know Russell can do that - I was looking more for 3rd down situations and hitting the originally designed play call in quick fashion.

* I recall at least one time where Russell and the offense failed to convert a short 3rd down situation and a red zone situation. I saw another situation where in the red zone it was very obvious that he could not see, and ended up throwing the ball away to the corner. I will reserve judgment until the preseason and obviously, regular season, as I know the Seahawks have a very good defense. Still, Russell is not an elite QB yet, in my mind, he still has more to show and more to prove. For this season, I can see the Seahawks offense as a unit being a Top-5 offense (with or without Percy) while Russell is still more a Top 6-12 type QB (which isn't bad for a 2nd year QB).

*Marshawn Lynch looked great. Cut back across the grain and has that aura like he did versus the Redskins. Christine Michael and Spencer Ware looked good too.

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