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Seahawks restructure O'Brien Schofield's contract

The Seahawks have restructured O'Brien Schofield's contract to a more incentive-based deal. Schofield, picked up on waivers from the Cardinals last weekend, was set to make $1.323M in 2013 but the Seahawks bumped his base pay down to $1M with up to $1M in incentives (likely based on playing time and sacks), reports Brian McIntyre.

Per BMac - based on Schofield's pace of sacks production and playing time last year, "the $1.025M in incentives are very attainable." In other words, the Schofield took a pay-cut in base salary but will have earned a raise if he can contribute on the field. Sounds like a Seahawks front office type of deal. Always compete. Protects them somewhat from Schofield's injury history but rewards him should he produce on the field.

Schofield will be play a Bruce Irvin style role in the Seahawks' defense, whatever that ends up being - right now it looks like it will be a combination LEO-SAM linebacker type of thing where he'll line up near or at the line of scrimmage, rush the passer, or drop into the flats or short middle.

Per The Seattle Times' Bob Condotta, "'Schofield Tuesday called himself "a pass rusher first'' and said Seattle's defense may be a better fit for what he does. "They really made it simple for the guys that they believe are rushers to have simple drops and not think too much and just be able to play fast,'' he said.'"

Pass rush first. Some drops, but simple drops. This sounds about right for what to expect from Bruce and O'Brien. The pickup is a nice one in theory - Carroll has liked Schofield dating back to his time at Wisconsin, where the Badger OLB racked up 24+ tackles for a loss - seems like just the type of guy you want on your strong side linebacker position. Instinctual, fast, fundamentally sound. In the meantime, it's a great depth add, again, in theory, until Irvin is done with his suspension and Chris Clemons is back from his ACL injury.

Per Condotta:

"[His] was a name they knew well as Carroll said the team had its eye on Schofield for the 2010 draft before the Cardinals selected him in the fourth round. "This is a guy that we liked in the draft,'' Carroll said. "We had a place where we were going to pick him and unfortunately for us he went before so. So we've played him, he's played against us. He's a very active, very versatile football player. ... We are really excited to get him on the team, and unfortunately it took us a couple of years to get him.''

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