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Seahawks reportedly will release Sidney Rice

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports



Seattle will release Sidney Rice, Adam Schefter reports. This move, if/when it goes forward, will free up $7.3M in cap space for the Hawks, giving them much-needed wiggle room to get contracts with Golden Tate and Michael Bennett done and allow them to begin working on Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman.

The Seahawks have not yet confirmed the move - saying that there have been no decisions made - and per Bob Condotta, Pete Carroll was asked about Rice this morning and he replied that they 'hope to keep him.' Regardless, it's completely obvious that Rice will not be playing in Seattle at his current deal; the 27-year old signed a a five year, $41 million contract back in 2011 but had knee issues during the offseason last year, then tore his ACL in October.

Rice caught 15 passes for 231 yards and three touchdowns in 8 games in 2013. It should be interesting to see, once this move happens, if Rice gets much interest on the free agent market. Most likely, I could see a team offering him a one-year 'prove it' type of deal that mitigates the obvious injury risk that comes along with Rice's knee and history. If the market is cold for the veteran, it's possible that Seattle re-signs him to a short term deal that keeps him with the team and hedges their roster for free agency and the Draft. Perhaps that's a deal they're trying to work on with Rice's representation this week in Indianapolis (hence, the "no decisions have been made"  comment from the team). Stay tuned.