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Doug Baldwin tendered at 2nd round level

Christian Petersen

Doug Baldwin has been tendered at the 2nd round level, Brian McIntyre reports (and confirmed by Doug himself on twitter). The tender would be worth $2.187M if signed.

What this means is that Seattle now has the right of first-refusal for any club that makes an offer on Baldwin as a restricted free agent, and if the Seahawks fail to match that offer, they receive a 2nd round pick from the team that has made the higher offer. It also means that if no club is willing to give up a 2nd round pick for Baldwin, Seattle would keep him at that $2.187M salary.

There's always an outside chance that some team sees Baldwin as worth a 2nd round pick, though, and offers him a better deal, so this could potentially get interesting. While rare, things like this happen (Emmanuel Sanders was tagged at his original round level last year -- a 3rd -- and the Patriots bit; the Steelers matched their offer though, and Sanders remained with the team).

Stay tuned...