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Seahawks DC Gus Bradley Hired as Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach

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The new Jacksonville Jaguars management makes an interesting hire, the Seahawks should be fine.

Sam Greenwood

It almost seemed like we might come out of this offseason with our coaching staff intact, but this is the price of success: your guys get plucked off by other teams. Bevell and Idzik's names are still floating. Jets should make an announcement today on their GM, fingers crossed it's not the very valuable Idzik.

But the main topic here is Gus Bradley. Congrats to Gus, the new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach, per Schefter and La Canfora and others. This is a very interesting hire for the Jaguars, who happen to be my favorite AFC team and who recently got a new owner and more recently a new GM in former Falcons director of player personnel David Caldwell, who already has a special place in my heart for his "no thanks" attitude re: Tim Tebow.

The Jaguars have some pieces in place on offense (especially Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon) and defense (DTs Tyson Alualu & CJ Mosley, LB Paul Posluszny, FS Dwight Lowery, and CBs Rashean Mathis and Derek Cox, both free agents). There is talent there for a coach to work with, and with a talented GM and innovative-minded owner and front office in place, this is not a bad job to take. The difficulty will be - as it usually is for these bottom-5 team - finding a quarterback, or determining if Blaine Gabbert's career can be salvaged (or Chad Henne's).

Bradley was an attractive candidate to several teams, and interviewed with others including the Eagles prior to landing this job. Defensive coordinators working under defensive-minded coaches may not seem an obvious attractive hire, but Bradley is a Monte Kiffin disciple who comes highly recommended, survived a HC firing and new hire, and has probably got a good grasp on PC's philosophies, so that he can implement some similar concepts in Jacksonville. This spread of talent of our FO does mean we'll probably have more competition for unique types of players in the draft and free agency. I'm not saying Bradley will implement our 4-3 1/2-gap hybrid with the Leo and 5-tech, or look for huge man corners, but he'll certainly consider it as an option when evaluating his roster with Caldwell.

As for the Seahawks, well, it sucks to lose a talented young coordinator, but it's good for an organization long-term if coordinators know they can move up in the world via a job here. The Seahawks DC spot should be a very attractive one to talented guys in the NFL and college. The requirements we should have would prioritize either a master of pass rush (preferably 4-man) and/or someone who can instill better zone coverage skills into the Hawks secondary. Some options:

Promote from within: LB coach Ken Norton jr and DL coach Todd Wash could be candidates for promotion from within, as could defensive passing game coordinator Rocky Seto, who was the USC DC in 2009 and has been with Pete for a decade. It's also possible Bradley could opt to take one of these positional coaches with him to make him a defensive coordinator or otherwise have him on his staff, Todd Wash seem a pretty obvious candidate for this, as the two have a shared background in Tampa Bay.

Dan Quinn: former Seahawks DL coach and current Florida Gators DC/DL coach, was the Seahawks DL coach in Pete's first year. He's the name most bandied around and would appear to be the most obvious hire.

Lovie Smith: the former Chicago Bears HC is a genius at defense, but it's hard to see him taking a DC job. He would probably be better off taking the year off, doing some media work and returning next year as a HC.

Raheem Morris: former Tampa Bay Buccaneers HC and Washinton Redskins DB coach Raheem Morris fits PC's style and D to a T: he is DB-focused, often talked as Bucs HC about hybridizing 3-4 and 4-3, and is a "rah-rah", "player coach". Would seem to me to be an ideal candidate. Both Smith and Morris could help improve the "back 7", especially in zone defense skills that are sorely lacking.

Other names I have seen include USC DC Ed Orgeron, who was with Pete at USC from '01 to '04 as assistant HC, DL coach and recruiter, and (via Rob Staton), New Mexico State HC DeWayne Walker, who was the DB coach for Pete Carrol with the Patriots (98-00) and at USC (01), possibly-soon-to-be-former Bears assistant HC/DC Rod Marinelli, or Marinelli's former DC (with the Lions) and current San Diego Chargers LB coach Joe Barry, another Kiffin disciple.

Gus Bradley being hired by another team comes as no huge surprise, so it would come as little surprise if the team has been well-prepared and could announce a replacement sooner rather than later.

And again, congrats Gus! Best of luck to you.