Ask the Falcoholic, Playoff Edition!

Kevin C. Cox

Howdy, Seahawks fans.

I'm here to answer any and all questions about the Falcons that you may have. I'd be especially glad to answer any questions that start with "Dear Awesome Falcons Blogger," but it's not a requirement.

I'd like you to know, too, that you should not take as representative of the fanbase the few comments from Falcons fans who are already dismissing you guys. I don't agree.

I happen to believe these two teams match up extremely well—you run the ball well, we don't stop the run well, you have an off-and-on passing attack, the Falcons mess with quarterbacks, etc.—and it could very well be the game of the weekend. I look forward to it.

And with that, on to your questions. Here's to a terrific game on Sunday.