Confused? you wont be after the next 2 episodes of neon green elephants

Warnning - this post has no redeeming value.

A year ago the seahawks were a very big surprise. RW surprised everybody with his poise, accuracy and his legs. The RO surprised the hell out of everybody. The defense was surprisingly great. The mental tenacity displayed on comeback after comeback was a big surprise. Nobody expected us to be that good overall but we were. By the end of the season nobody wanted to face us and for a good reason.

This year we were anything but flying under the radar. We were that huge big bleep right at the center of it. The expectations were sky high with very good reasons :

The defense is young and very talented. The pass rush will be boosted by Avril and Bennett. Hill and Williams will add more speed and strength. Life is good.

The offense will start the season with all 11 starters. None other then McQ has hit 30 so expect each player to be as good if not better. We have a full off season for all to practice with RW. We should hit the field running, pick up were we left and just rip it.

It sounded good on paper but football is played on grass.

After week 6 we are not surprising anyone. What we are is very confusing.

Einstein said once – Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This team can certainly drive you insane.

Let's take a quick look –

Our passing game is ranked 24th in the NFL.

Our rushing game is ranked 2nd but if you take away from it the yards not gained on designed running plays it will drop to middle of the pack.

Our rushing defense is not in the top 10.

Our 3rd down and Red Zone offense is abisimal.

We couldn't run at all against the Panthers, We couldn't pass against the Texans or 9ers. We fumbled 5 times against the Titans.

And…we are leading the NFC with a 5-1 record.

Confusing, very confusing.

There are 10 more games to play this season and the next 2, away at ARZ and STL are big ones. Win both and nobody will care what you look like doing it, lose them and everyone will be calling for heads to roll.

So far we have shown one thing for certain. We do know how to win games.

When we ran less then 100 yards – we passed over 300 yards(Carolina),

When we pass less then 150 yards – we run(49ers) or score on defense(Texans)

When we fumble 5 times and allow a field goal attempt to be returned for a TD – The defense holds them to just 2 FG(Titans)

Last year we had a clear and simple game plan. Run the ZBS, go deep on play action, play defense. This year so far looks like this – play defense, find something to do on offense.

It's easy to blame what's left of the Oline for it. It could be the WRs not being able to get open. It might be that other teams treat us seriously, prepare for RW's scrambles and bootlegs, stay deep on play action and make life hard in general. It could be all of the above.

And…we are leading the NFC with a 5-1 record. (ooops…did I say that already ?)

OK, enough beating around the bush. It's time to stop checking the china and acknowledge the elephant in the room.


We are a winning football team. We get on the field week after week and we win football games. Damn…I know what we are…we are the Patriots. I'm sure you have heard about Tom Brady, Gronk and the assassin, Walker or Amadola, they are a legend, they are the Patriots. They get on the field and they win football games. They do it year after year with or without most of those guys. They are 5-1 now with a bunch of WRs and TEs that will barley make most practice squads.

Some teams fly on the back of a great QB and WRS combo (Denver, the old N.O. and Rams). Some teams ride a great RB (AP). Some teams have a legendary defense (The purple meneaters, the steel curtain, the 2000 ravens). Some teams just win football games with whatever they have on the field on Sunday.

OK, they usually have some talent. OKKKK…they probably have more then just some talent. What such teams usually have is a balance spread of talent. Enough of it all over to make everything you try to do against them not easy. They are like a centipede, they have many legs to stand on and they will shift on them and find their best stance on any given day.

In a few weeks we hope to get back a list of missing pieces. Both Tackles and a prized WR would be nice to have. This might click together and we'll become the neon green team eaters firing on all cylinders. On the other hand – injuries keep happening (Wagner, Clem), coming back in full force from it is never guarantied etc.

We may be able to do it the easy way or we may be forced to keep doing it the hard way, the ugly way. Either way, we are there to win football games. It's what we do. It's called being winners.

Go my elephants and win the next 2 for me somehow. I'll have the 2nd half of the season to sit and watch game after game with little regards to the current score, yards passing or rushing, 3rd down or red zone. It's nice to watch a game knowing how it will probably end. This will be a first ever for me as a seahawks fan.

Go and win it my neon green elephants.