Whither our next loss?

I hate to admit it, but the Seahawks have not been playing lights-out football. We have fumbled. We have been sacked. Russ has to use his legs more than any of us are comfortable with. Somehow, though, we win. Week in, week out, excepting the flukey Colts game, we win. Analysts are getting major paychecks to explain this phenomenon, and they may or may not be right. However, one thing is for sure: we are not finishing this season 15-1. The odds are so against it that bookies who let people bet on the Broncos/Jaguars game dare not speak its name.

So, looking at our upcoming games, who, exactly, could possibly hand us that next loss? The Saints and 49ers are the only top-tier teams we'll be facing, but the Niners are like the 2006 Seahawks: Superbowl losers so injury-riddled that, while they can easily make the playoffs, their advancement chances are slim. The Saints look amazing. At least they did until last Sunday, when Brady did what he do. And they play us at home, and if any team will hand us our first home loss in the Russell Wilson era, they're the ones to do it.

Not likely, though. They play great at home, but they will be playing at the Clink, and I doubt even the mighty Brees can compete there this season.

If we go 14-2 or even 13-3 then, where do those losses come from? San Francisco is the obvious choice, and we may well lose at Candlestick. However, we also have to face the Giants and Falcons in their home stadiums. Sure, they both seem like jokes now, but Eli will not be terrible all season, and Winter is Coming. As for Atlanta, we have never beaten the Smith/Ryan Falcons. Now would be a good time, but it always seems like they have our number. Always. Tell me all about Julio, but they find a way to ruin us.

So here we go: I say we're 13-3, with losses to the Colts, Falcons and Giants. Hand-wring all you want about the idea of losing to inferior teams, but think:

The 2009 Saints lost to the 3-13 Bucs. In 2011, the Giants lost to the 7-9 Seahawks. We will lose at least one more game, possibly to a sub-.500 team. We can't fathom now, riding high on our win in the desert, how it will happen. It will happen though, and we need to be prepared with the knowledge that the team that won the Lombardi Trophy more often than not lost some games to some pretty awful teams. Eat that, Denver Broncos.