Do the Batusi!

Bob Condotta asks in his article in Saturday's Times: What the heck is that little dance performed by linebacker Malcolm Smith after sacking Carson Palmer in the fourth quarter? "It’s the Hawk Eyes," Smith explained of a gyration that John Travolta and Uma Thurman made famous in "Pulp Fiction."

Actually, John and Uma were paying homage to the great Adam West who popularized the move in the Batman series. Back in the 60's, there was a solo dance called the Watusi. Before he was the mayor of Quahog, West added the horizontal V to the eyes move, which I assumed had something to do with the mask. Then Eartha Kit started doing it as Catwoman and a meme was born.

Bruce Irvin added: "We (the linebackers) are the Hawk Eyes. We see everything.’’ "Apparently, the linebackers have been talking about creating a signature move for a little while and planned to unveil it against the Cardinals as a group, but that K.J. Wright forgot to do it earlier in the game."

Forget Hawk Eyes - that sounds like MASH. It's even better than merely seeing everything on the field - it is bio sonar. Our linebackers can located the opposition in the backfield using echo location.

I love it, but we have to get our cultural reference right. Bring on the Batusi!!