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Seahawks Looking to Bring Back Michael Robinson

With injuries to both fullbacks, the Seahawks are looking to bring back the fullback that has been so successful for the team the past few seasons, Michael Robinson.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Per BJ Ong, fullback Michael Robinson is coming in for a physical with the Seahawks tomorrow. Who is @whoisBJOng? Just a fan, but also the same guy who called the Moffitt-for-DL trade earlier this season based on the same source. Not to mention our own Davis Hsu heard similar, and last but not least, Seattle Times' Bob Condotta confirms.

EDIT: Seattle Seahawks officially confirm they are bringing on Michael Robinson for a physical on Monday.

The Seahawks started the opening day roster with two fullbacks, one true fullback in Derrick Coleman and one more hybrid/project type in Spencer Ware. Ware has been out for weeks with a high ankle sprain, and Coleman left in the second quarter on Thursday Night Football with a hamstring injury. Robinson's physical could see either one of them heading to IR.

Michael Robinson was never cut for performance, he was cut because of a way-too-high salary ($2.5 million) and sickness (a bad reaction to prescription medicine, per an interview with KJR-AM) which made him miss the last two exhibition games and from which he's probably been recovering these past few weeks.

Assuming he passes his physical, expect him to sign for closer to veteran minimum. In his 8th season, veteran minimum for Robinson would be $840,000 (prorated for the number of weeks remaining). Assuming he is fully healthy, this could actually be a fairly significant boost to this team. Coleman did not perform badly in his fullback duties, but there was an in-sync nature to Marshawn Lynch and Robinson that's hard to duplicate, and Lynch should be very happy to have his "eyes" back on the field.

And of course, fans will be happy to see the Real Rob Report back.