A very BOLD post about the short-lived 6-1 Seahawks

Fellow 12ths,

Hail the short lived 6-1 Seahawks.

I love the 6-1 Seahawks. I love the way they play, I love the way they win. I just love the 6-1 Seahawks.

Such love is so brief and transcendental. By this time next week I will love anpther Seahawks team and the 6-1 Seahawks will become a long forgotten era.

However, as long as I have my 6-1 Seahawks I'll do the fun and smart thing. I won't question my 6-1 Seahawks. I will not critic my 6-1 Seahawks. I won't worry what will happen next with my 6-1 Seahawks. I will not waste our precious time together. I'll enjoy my 6-1 Seahawks knowing how rare a gift they are. In the 34 years I've been with Seahawks teams I've never been with the 6-1 Seahawks. It's my first 6-1 Seahawks team. I may have many more or none. When I look back at this 6-1 Seahawks team I want to remember the joy I had with them knowing how special they are.

Those of you who were part of the Seahawks experience for so long know what I'm talking about. Having a 6-1 Seahawks team for 11 days is ranked very high in Seahawks days ever. Every minute of it should be appreciated.

I love the way it rolls of my tongue when I wake up. The 6-1 Seahawks.

I love 8 guys getting 7 Sacks.

I love readying posts and articles mentioning the 6-1 Seahawks.

I love the Rice resurrection.

I love to check the standings of my 6-1 Seahawks cause it says they are six…and one…

I love the real rob resurrection.

I love hearing commentators say – The 6-1 Seahawks.

I love ARZ rushing for thirty yards.

I love every day of my 6…&…1 Seahawks.

Fumbles, pass protection, injuries, fu*king soft zone prevent D all of them are just nice background contrast colors that emphasize my 6-1 Seahawks. My ever so amazing 6-1 Seahawks can't do wrong or they wouldn't be the 6-1 Seahawks. Be the best I ever had.

I have 7 more days to breathe in and breathe out as a fan of the 6-1 Seahawks. They are beautiful for being the 6-1 Seahawks. Being the 6-1 Seahawks is a holly trinity of a sort –

* They are team that won 6 of their 7 games in the past.

* They are the NFC leading first ever 6-1 Seahawks right now.

* They are a 6-1 team so they have a potential to evolve into something that just could be even more amazing then my incredible 6-1 Seahawks. They can become the OMG 7-1 Seahawks in a matter of days.

I'm done.

Actually, I'm not done. I have two more ridiculous statements to make with regards to my 6-1 Seahawks.

One – I know none of us has been here before and we are not sure about the proper way to express ourselves at this momentous time. I suggest that before we shred to pieces a player or a position group due to their performance or lack their off we will remember that they are a part of the 6-1 Seahawks and treat them with the proper respect if not adoration.

Two – While our heroes deserve every praise and recognition, even those manifested by pro bowl votes, we should remember that the pro bowl ia played by players who didn't make it to the super bowl and is therefore not a fitting award for the members of the 6-1 Seahawks. Vote to show your thanks but don't worry about that ballots. We have bigger fish to fry on that weekend.

Now, I'm done. It's been very BOLD of me to write it all.