Post-Traumatic Seahawks Disorder

After traversing the first seven games of their schedule, the Seattle Seahawks find themselves with a shiny 6-1 record and more confidence than Pepé Le Pew in a Lane Bryant outlet store. Even more impressive is that they've been so successful without playing anything remotely resembling their best football.

One statistic that really pulls the chair Hawks Nest bleachers out from under you is 0-6. No, not the number of times I was emphatically turned away from the local Delta Tau Delta fraternity chapter(a much more respectable 0-5), but the win/loss record of Hawk's opponents in the week directly following a match up with Russell Wilson and the boys. Carolina, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Houston, Indianapolis and Tennessee have gone a combined 0-6 in the following week, losing by an average of over 18 points. In these games, only the Panthers and Titans have scored more than nine.

Now what is a forum of classless, cheating, prizon rulez advocates to make of all this? Perhaps it's "well, we still don't have a ring, ha." Or maybe, just maybe, it's that a weekend date with the Seahawks is not merely the week long obligation we thought it was, but in fact a fourteen day, 336 hour commitment to losing that will knock you into third place faster than Chris Clemons will chew up your quarterback like a piece of grape Bubble-Yum.

Let's face it, we all felt that the physical nature of our beloved Seahawks has been "really cool", but I'm not sure if we've taken the time to realize just how much of an effect it's having on our opponents. The trend has a chance to continue next week with Matt Ryan and his rakish cast of falcons flying to the desert to tangle with Carson Palmer's crew.

Please Seahawk responsibly. Go Hawks.