Offensive & Defensive MVPs so far...

Being that this is my first fan post, I'll try to keep it simple. Now that we are almost halfway through the season, I think it's about time to look at who our offensive and defensive MVPs are so far (I'm too impatient to wait another week). Through my eyes they are very clear cut, even though arguments can be made for others.

Offense: Russell Wilson without a doubt. Obviously if Beast Mode doesn't do what he does week in and out, life is much more difficult for Russell. But because the offensive line has been completely atrocious in pass blocking, what he has been able to do is nothing short of amazing. It might not always be pretty, but the "Wunderkind" is clutch and just works magic. It's just so crazy to think that he'sonly in his second year. After watching the Giants-Vikings game on Monday I still can't believe how much we aren't paying him and the level of production we get in return. (It also makes me appreciate JS/PC that much more)

Defense: Earl Thomas. To me, Earl has just been flat out dominate so far. He's currently on place to completely blow away his previous career highs. What has impressed me the most is not his cover skills which we all know about, but how he is supprting the run and making tackles. It's been quite obvious over the years that he was not very good at tackling (evident in the Atlanta game when he was ran over by Jacquizz Rogers). He knows it and has been working on it.

Through 7 games he already has more solo tackles than he did last year. He's on pace to have almost 100 for the year. I would expect that kind of number to come from Kam as he plays the hybrid SS/LB role. Earl is utilizing his speed more and challenging quarterbacks to throw deep on him by moving closer to the line. This has resulted in his 4 interceptions so far and has also clearly helped him react and attack in run support as well.

Thomas is flat out having a career year. Luckily for us its when we are on a Super Bowl run, but unfortunately we are going to have to pay him a ton of money as its a contract year for him as well. The crazy thing is that he's the same age as Russell, only 24 and has many great years of football ahead of him.

With the favorable remaining schedule, I expect both to only keep getting better throughout the rest of the season.