Around the Funny League (AFL): Brett Favre to the Rams, Jenkins to use condoms and more.

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Here's a quick roundup of the most interesting NFL news:

RAMS CALL FAVRE: The St. Louis Rams are so desperate for a QB after Sam Bradford was lost for the season with a torn ACL that they called 44-year-old Brett Favre to see if he would be interested in suiting up for them. Favre sent the Rams a text: "I'd love to. I'm getting hard just thinking about it." Then moments later, he sent another text: "Sorry, guys, that message wasn't intended for you. I retired in 2011 and am going to stay retired. But I appreciate the interest and I'll be praying for you on Monday night." When Peter King of Sports Illustrated called Favre to ask about his first text, the future Hall of Famer said, "What can I say? I may be 44, but I've got a healthy sext life."

VINCE YOUNG WAITS: Vince Young doesn't understand why no NFL team is interested in his services. "Me and my wife and all my peers and fans, we’re all trying to figure this stuff out. I don’t have the slightest idea. It’s like a huge question mark over my head. Every day I wake up in the morning to take care of my responsibilities and know I should be playing," Young told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on Sirius XM NFL Radio. "To not have one of those calls, it’s tough." Former NFL QB Jeff George, 45, is also waiting by the phone. "I'm staying in shape, throwing the football every day to my three dogs," he said. He and Jeff Garcia have written to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, suggesting that the NFL take a cue from professional golf and create the GFL (Geezer Football League). "We've got 500 players interested in joining the GFL," Garcia said. "Even Rick Mirer has told me that for the right amount of money, he'll be interested in being a bust again."

LONDON BOUND: The NFL will play three games in London in 2014 and we now know which six victims teams will play there. It'll be the Cowboys versus the Jaguars, the Lions versus the Falcons, and the Dolphins versus the Raiders. Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the matchups at a press conference in London. The city's mayor, Boris Johnson, said that 1,000 bobbies (police officers) would be hired in time for the games. "We are used to having soccer hoodlums in our city," Johnson said, "but God help us, we are totally unprepared for Raider fans." Asked whether safety was an issue, Goodell said, "Yes, it's an issue. We hope the Jaguars can score at least that."

BETTING TRENDS: No NFL team has won a game the week after playing the Seahawks, which means that if you're betting on a game this week, you can't go wrong picking the Cardinals to lose to the Falcons. Another important trend: Only one Manning can win each week. Peyton Manning was 6-0, while his brother Eli was 0-6. Then Peyton lost a game, so the football gods granted Eli a win. This week, Peyton plays the Redskins and Eli plays the Eagles. What does this mean? We're not sure, but we think we can chalk up a victory for Danieal Manning of the Texans.

PANTHERS WR SMITH to RAMS CB JENKINS: 'WEAR CONDOMS': Upset that Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins had googled him and asked about his wife, Angie, during their game, Panthers receiver Steve Smith did some googling himself and gave Jenkins some advice through the media: "It sounds like he needs to wear some condoms." Jenkins, who has fathered four children with three women, didn't respond, but Jets CB Antonio Cromatie, who has 12 children with eight women, sent Jenkins a tweet: "It's good advice, bro. Drop me a line and I'll send you all the condoms I never used." He followed that up with another tweet: "Trust me, better to pay for condoms than condominiums!"

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