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NFL Trade Rumors: Jared Allen supposedly being pursued by Seahawks, other team

Is Allen moving to left tackle?

Michael Steele

There are reasons to believe that the Seahawks would pursue a wide receiver like Josh Gordon or an offensive lineman like anybody, but if you thought it was surprising that Seattle signed Michael Bennett after already adding Cliff Avril, y'all won't even begin to comprehend this. According to Adam Schefter, the Seahawks are trying to dip in the Vikings bag again and are making a push for defensive end Jared Allen.

Allen, 31, is probably someone you've heard of. He has 4.5 sacks this season in seven games and had 12 sacks last year. He led the NFL with 22 sacks in 2011, before it became the posh and norm for defensive ends to just go out there and get 20 sacks like it's nothing. He's the Vikings highest-paid player, with a base over $14 million, but he's a free agent after the year so there's no long-term commitment.

According to Tom Pellissero, it sounds like Allen getting traded is an inevitability, it's just a matter of where.

Do the Seahawks make sense? It would certainly be devastating for opposing offenses to look over at this defense and then add Allen, but at what cost is it too much? With his contract and whatever implications that has and whatever value he actually adds over to what Seattle is already worth, is it already too high of a price to pay?

I can't say that it's ever bad to add an elite player, and Allen is far from done. It would be interesting to see the price of draft picks, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's less than what you're imagining, given his contract and the lack of leverage on Minnesota's side.

Edit: 10:21 AM - Chris Mort-report, via Schefter, says that the Vikings are asking for a second but would consider a conditional third. The Vikings already own the Seahawks third round pick next season, because of the Percy Harvin deal.

EDIT: 11:02 AM - FOX's Jay Glazer is ready to go to war:

What's the truth? Which reporter am I to believe? Do I care?! Just gimme those tasty, tasty rumors!