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Which Buccaneer would you add to the Seahawks?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Sander from BucsNation asked his constituency which player they'd steal from Seattle's roster if they had their pick, so I ask the same question here for the Bucs: Which Tampa Bay player would you most like to be a Seahawk?

For an 0-7 team, the Bucs are pretty stacked - they actually have a multitude of players I'd really like to see in College Navy, Wolf Grey, and Action Green. Let's run through them, and then you can vote.

Darrelle Revis:

Duh. Revis and Sherman in the same defensive secondary? Where the hell would opposing quarterbacks throw the ball? To the middle, that's where, and guess who's in the middle? Earl Thomas, that's who. Guess what happens then? Good things, that's what.

Vincent Jackson:

To be quite honest, if I'm legitimately given the chance to steal a Buccaneer player for this year only, it might be Jackson, based purely on what the Seahawks lack. Jackson would be a nice pick even if Sidney Rice was still healthy, but now that Seattle's only 'big' target is gone for the year, there's maybe two or three players in the NFL I'd rather have lined up as a flanker than Jackson (Dez Bryant, Calvin Johnson, maybe Brandon Marshall? Maybe). Jackson is one of the league's premiere deep threats, attacks the ball in the air, has excellent body control, and can run after the catch. He's as good as advertised. We got a glimpse of what the Russell Wilson - Vincent Jackson connection would look like in the Pro Bowl.

Doug Martin:

The Muscle Hamster. Martin is battling through some injuries right now, but is one of the most dynamic runners in the NFL. I probably wouldn't go with Martin in this case, because of the depth Seattle currently has at the position, but Martin is elite.

Lavonte David:

Instinctual. Good range. Smart. David is the modern prototype for the weakside linebacker position and frankly, would fit perfectly in Seattle's defense at that spot because he can tackle, run, and cover, and he can also rush. David has 60 tackles this season already (one more than Earl Thomas in one fewer game), and has five sacks (more than any Seahawk). I loved David coming out of Nebraska and while Seattle decided to go with Bobby Wagner over David in the 2nd round that year, I'd love to get a second chance to see him in this D.

Gerald McCoy:

To be honest, I haven't studied McCoy much, but based upon reputation, he's a guy I'd like to have on the Seahawks' defensive line.

Mark Barron:

Rumor had it that the Seahawks loved Barron coming out of the Draft a couple years back and had it in mind to use Kam Chancellor as a de facto linebacker (Deathbacker). An Earl Thomas/Mark Barron secondary would be fearsome and versatile, particularly when you add in the fact that Chancellor can play deep as well. Rotating those players to different spots and different angles pre snap would make the job of opposing quarterbacks difficult.

Carl Nicks:

Nicks has had to battle MRSA this season, but when healthy he's one of the most dominant guards in the game. We all know the issues Seattle has at guard.


Who would you take? Who am I missing?