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Twelves Company podcast, a Pirates tale

We attempted to avoid the Rams recap, but couldn't help ourselves...

Andy Lyons

Writing these posts is always kind of a chore, buuuut I know it's important to tell you what we talked about. It's sort of an advertisement. Like, "Hey look what's inside guys, it's really cool, you should listen to it!"

Talking about the Rams game was tough, not as tough as watching it was however. The Seahawks got the win though, so we're looking into the playoff picture some, checking in on other NFC squads vying for that home field advantage.

Oh and Matt launches me into a rage filled rant about the No Fun League. I'm borderline ashamed of my language...

This weeks Thursday Night Football matchup has a chance to be one of the better ones we've seen in a while, with the Bengals traveling to Miami.

Injury reports are covered, as you've become accustomed.

We bring you some corny humor, and a look forward to a matchup with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Will the Seahawks give the opposing team a free touchdown?

Will the offensive lineman handing out free entry cards to the quarterback club finally be caught and fired?

Which Seahawks player will contract MRSA during the game?

Find out on this weeks episode of Twelves Company!

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