Why it's time to bench Sidney Rice

He almost never gets wide open, has a habit of dropping passes, and doesn't seem to care that he is under-performing. Sidney is getting paid $44 million dollars to be our most productive wide receiver. He physically looks like he could be a big time playmaker for us but he simply isn't producing. Instead he's flat out sucking the big one, long and hard! Maybe he's injured and not saying anything, maybe it's play calling and a scheme design that doesn't fit his skill set, or perhaps it's time to quit making excuses and admit that that he's not a good NFL starting wide receiver.

SR only catches 41% of his targets which puts his target rank at a piss poor 129th in the NFL. For a starter that's not just piss poor, it's I ate two bunches of asparagus last night reeking stank piss poor. 129th puts him right behind the undrafted rookie Kenbrell Tompkins who plays for the Patriots. Yes, it's the same guy who was verbally raped by Tom Brady on national television for dropping too many passes. Sidney is also 77th in the NFL in catches and has missed no games or playing time this season. To put that in perspective there are 32 teams that start at least two WR's so he's producing like a middle of the road third stringer at a maximum.

Sidney is supposed to be a deep threat yet his longest catch on the season is only 23 yards. He's third in catches for the Seahawks behind Baldwin and Tate. Sidney only has one catch more than Marshawn Lynch and only two catches ahead of tight end Zach Miller who didn't even play today. My eyeball test puts Jermaine Kearse ahead of SR and the stats back it up. Ryce (spelled purposely incorrect) has only 52 more yards than JK this season. Kearse only has 5 targets on the season to Ryce's 21 targets and they are both tied with 2 touchdowns each. I think it is now getting clear how bad this guy is.

We all watched Sidney provide no hussle on the last play of the game today and we all noticed he had only one catch. But nobody is surprised by this because this is who he has been since he's been in Seattle and he's getting worse. SR is so bad that I refuse to use his last name in any of my posts from here on out, he doesn't deserve to degrade the name as a wide receiver any longer. When you hurt your own team as a quarterback it usually means you are throwing interceptions, as a running back it probably means you are fumbling . But when you hurt the team as a wide receiver the injuries are mostly invisible. You may have some drops but that is mostly all that is visible. But there are other ways bad receivers hurt their teams.

Opposing teams scout SR on tape and find he is not much of a threat. They probably game plan to never put a safety over the top of Sidney because he cannot get any separation one-on-one as he essentially guards himself. This bring up the question if Sidney is not a significant threat yet receives large amounts of playing time then how does this effect the production of other players? How does this effect the team as a whole including the defense? This also brings up the question how does this effect the development of younger receivers who need more snaps and targets in order to develop properly? These are invisible ways that Sidney Ryce might be hurting our team.

Now Seattle is going to continue to be a good team with Sidney starting and still sucking, but unless you're implementing the Run & Shoot offense there is no good reason to start your team's fourth best wideout when you have options. The question isn't do we start someone else but WHO do we start instead.