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Field Gulls/500 Level t-shirt giveaway, Part III!

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

First off, congrats to Blake Ferrin - you are the winner of a free Seahawks' t-shirt from 500 Level! We'll be getting in touch with you soon to arrange delivery.

As you may have seen over the past few weeks, 500 Level and Field Gulls have been teaming up to give out a some free officially licensed Seahawks t-shirts. Brett Williamson, the founder of 500 Level, contacted me to set up the giveaway, so I figured people would like the chance at some free shirts. We're not done yet either.

Today, we're going to give away one more free t-shirt to one winner by picking from everyone that retweets this tweet below or shares this post at Facebook:

We'll pick the winner from the people that do that, and yes, we realize this is a shameless plug for our Twitter and Facebook pages. Field Gulls' sphere of influence must spread like the plague and if giving away free shirts is the only way to do that, so be it.

Here's some background on 500 Level, per Brett:

We started 500 Level, a T-shirt company made by the fans, for the fans. We coined a concept that is unique, fresh and bold. Since no two fans are alike, their shirts shouldn't be either.

The best part of 500 Level? The designs are created by you, the fan. That's right. All our genius designs were made by artistic sports fans from around the globe, submitted to us, and then voted on to become the next great shirt.

Here are a few examples:


Hit up 500 Level's facebook page here. Official website HERE.

Anyway, congrats again to Blake Ferrin for being randomly selected from those that shared our last post on Facebook. Free shirt coming your way, assuming we can get ahold of you.