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Saturday Open Thread, Community Scouting the Pinstripe, Belk, Russell Athletic, and Buffalo Wild Wings

Pinstripe Bowl (Rutgers/Notre Dame), Belk Bowl (Cincinnati/N. Carolina), Russell Athletic (Miami/Louisville), Buffalo Wild Wing (Michigan/Kansas State)

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Check out a few prospects.

Chris Burke at SI has brief previews of the week 2 bowls.

The Pinstripe Bowl is currently in progress in New York City. Following a disappointing season, Rutgers 6'6" WR, Brandon Coleman has a touchdown and another long catch. He has to be on high John Schneider's wish list. Notre Dame has multiple players that Seattle should have an eye on, including DT/5-tech Stephen Tuitt, DT/1-tech Louis Nix, and T/G Zach Martin.

Don't forget to use the Community Scouting Form.




1.      Comments on any special qualities - We know that PC/JS look for "special" qualities, things that jump out on film. Where do you see special qualities? Is it size? Speed? Length? Hands? Football IQ?

2.      Comments on athleticism/build - If athleticism/build is the special quality, no need to reiterate. Apart from that, what's the prospect's athleticism/build like compared to peers at his position?

3.      Comments on position fit with Seattle - Where does the prospect fit on Seattle's roster? Does he do what Seattle asks for at his position? Does he have position versatility? Is he a candidate for a position switch in Seattle (e.g., college OLB à Leo)? How does he fit on Seattle's current roster (quality depth, ST, potential starter)?