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Seahawks lose tough game to Niners 19-17

Seattle moves to 11-2.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks lost a penalty-riddled, tough slugfest-style game to the Niners in Candlestick, 19-17, and move to 11-2. The Hawks were holding on to a one-point lead late in the fourth quarter when Frank Gore busted a 51-yard run up the gut from the Niners' 29 yard line, which put San Francisco in scoring position with 4:21 remaining. The Niners subsequently picked up a first down, which helped them drain the clock down to 26 seconds before Phil Dawson kicked the go-ahead field goal. Russell Wilson threw a pick on the next play from scrimmage to end the game.

Wilson finished 15 of 25 for 199 yards with a touchdown and a pick. Colin Kaepernick finished 15 of 29 for 175 yards with a touchdown and a pick. This ended up being a defensive grudge match that was mostly characterized by horrific and/or tickytack calls by the officials benefitting both teams. I actually have no concept of which team actually played better - it seemed as though Seattle had the edge in the first half (even though they trailed) but the Niners owned the fourth quarter, which was obviously important - but the seemingly constant barrage of questionable flags really slowed the game down and brought back potentially big plays for both teams. Annoying.

San Francisco strengthens their Playoffs picture and Seattle must now look forward to New York and concentrate on hanging on to their lead in the NFC West.