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2013 NFL Draft: Every Seahawks draft pick under John Schneider and Pete Carroll so far

It's a list of every Seahawks draft pick under John Schneider and Pete Carroll so far.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Good afternoon. Guess what I have for you? Here is every Seahawks draft pick under GM John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll so far:

1 15 SEA Bruce Irvin DE West Virginia
2 47 SEA Bobby Wagner ILB Utah St.
3 75 SEA Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin
4 106 SEA Robert Turbin RB Utah St.
4 114 SEA Jaye Howard DT Florida
5 154 SEA Korey Toomer ILB Idaho
6 172 SEA Jeremy Lane CB Northwestern State
6 181 SEA Winston Guy DB Kentucky
7 225 SEA J R Sweezy DE North Carolina St.
7 232 SEA Greg Scruggs DE Louisville
1 25 SEA James Carpenter OL Alabama
3 75 SEA John Moffitt G Wisconsin
4 99 SEA K.J. Wright LB Mississippi St.
4 107 SEA Kris Durham WR Georgia
5 154 SEA Richard Sherman DB Stanford
5 156 SEA Mark LeGree FS Appalachian St.
6 173 SEA Byron Maxwell DB Clemson
7 205 SEA Lazarius Levingston DL LSU
7 242 SEA Malcolm Smith OLB USC
1 6 SEA Russell Okung T Oklahoma St.
1 14 SEA Earl Thomas DB Texas
2 60 SEA Golden Tate WR Notre Dame
4 111 SEA Walter Thurmond DB Oregon
4 127 SEA E.J. Wilson DE North Carolina
5 133 SEA Kam Chancellor DB Virginia Tech
6 185 SEA Anthony McCoy TE USC
7 236 SEA Dexter Davis LB Arizona St.
7 245 SEA Jameson Konz TE Kent St.

See, I wasn't lying.


- 22 of 28 draft picks have come from one of the "Big Six plus Notre Dame" conferences. Exceptions are Wagner, Turbin, Toomer, Lane, LeGree, and Konz. It's interesting, I guess, that Toomer, LeGree and Konz did not make the regular team after being drafted but there is a reason that most great players go to the "Big Six". Those are the high-profile schools that get the best recruits and that go on to be better NFL players. Not without exception, of course, Wagner was an excellent rookie, but certain truths remain self-evident:

It's better to be a 1st round draft pick than any other round, most good players come from a notable college.

The Seahawks used four 2012 picks though on players from "small" schools. Will they continue that trend this year, because nothing in 2010 and 2011 seemed to imply that it would happen.

- 18 of 28 players, 64.2%, were drafted to play defense. It's hard to say if they'd all of a sudden switch to getting more offense this year though. They had a bigger need on offense going into last years draft than defense, and then they spent 7 of 10 picks on defense. Even one of their picks for offense, Sweezy, was a defensive player at NC State.

The Seahawks still have needs at DT, OLB, and nickel CB that could likely be addressed in the draft and push back possible needs for G, RT, WR, and TE.

- Seattle has drafted five players out of the Pac-12. The highest-drafted out of the Pac-12 is Walter Thurmond in 2010. They did not draft one out of the Pac-12 last year.

- Seattle has drafted two players out of the Big 12, both were the first two picks of Pete and John: Okung and Thomas, and none since.

- Seattle has drafted four players out of the ACC: EJ Wilson, Kam Chancellor, Byron Maxwell, and JR Sweezy.

- Seattle has drafted six players out of the SEC: Levingston, Carpenter, Wright, Durham, Howard, and Guy.

- Seattle picked two players out of the Big East last season for the first time: Irvin and Scruggs.

- Seattle has taken two players out of the Big 10: Wilson and Moffitt.

- You could say that their most successful picks to date are: Okung, Thomas, Wright, Sherman, Wagner, and Wilson. I'll add Tate and Chancellor. I'm not ready to say anything about Irvin, Carpenter, or Moffitt. Those top eight players break up into: 2 Big 12, 1 SEC, 1 Pac-12, 1 Big 10, 1 ACC, 2 outside of the Big Six. Which tells us nothing, you're welcome.

Well, this has been an episode of "Every Seahawks draft pick under John Schneider and Pete Carroll so far". That's what I have to say about Pete and John's picks so far. What do you have to say?

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