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2012 season review, in which Jon Benne attempts to watch all 256 games--an intro

I'm going to regret this.

Ashton thinks I can pull this project off. Russell is a bit more dubious.
Ashton thinks I can pull this project off. Russell is a bit more dubious.

Man, football is a fun sport to watch. I sure do love watching those chiseled, athletic freaks of nature do things that no mortal man should be capable of. You know what else I love? NFL Game Rewind. For a small one-time fee, I can watch every game from the past several seasons. There's even a "condensed" option that shows only the on-field action, sparing my ears from the Troy Aikmans and Dan Dierdorfs of the world.

God, I love this game. I love it so much, in fact, that I'm going to revisit the 2012 season. Yes, I'm crazy enough. Over the offseason, I will watch all 256 regular season games, preferably in an inebriated state, and document my findings for your amusement.

Our own Kenneth Arthur did something like this series last offseason. He didn't finish it, but it was a lot of fun to follow along, and I plan on carrying the torch this year (at least, I do plan on getting farther along than Week 3. That's a diss, Kenny. I just dissed you. Feel the burn).

Anyway, while Kenny went along week-by-week, starting at Week 1, I'm going to be doing something a bit differently. Back in January, Deadspin released a complete ranking of last season's game by "most watchable". You may quibble with the formula if you want, but I find it a pretty useful source on what the best and worst games were.

So you think I'll just go down the list, starting with the greatest nail-biters and ending with the worst snoozefests (AKA every Titans game ever)? Haha, you're a funny guy. No, my plan is to start at the very middle, and then branch out from there. So with 256 games, Game #128 will be the first game I watch. After that, I will move on to #127, then #129, then #126, then get the idea. I hope this keeps things fresh and interesting, while building to a crescendo at the end with the absolute best games of the year...and the absolute worst, but that's what bourbon is for.

I'll start this in earnest during the week, once the Combine hubbub dies down somewhat. Be excited. Remind me to stock up my liquor cabinet when Jaguars-Titans is coming up.