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Seahawks Free Agency, Percy Harvin News Hangout

Anything happen in the news today?

Major news today as the New York Jets signed David Garrard.

Less important: The Seahawks will not be picking in the first round this year (as of now, things could change) and also sent a 7th and 2013 3rd to the Vikings for Percy Harvin. Never heard of "Perky Hardman" before but I've been told he's "dece" which is short for "decent" I think.

Harvin should come in right away and become the most dynamic skill player on this team, simply because he's one of the most dynamic players in the NFL. He's a dyna-saur and right now he's only extinct in Minnesota but he's evolving in Seattle and it's pretty ridiculous to think that an offense that was perhaps one of the three best in the NFL at the end of last year just added a Percy Harvin and subtracted nobody.

Myself, Jacson, Brian Nemhauser (HawkBlogger) and Matt Erickson will talk about it and other things.