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Seahawks GM John Schneider hits the airwaves


Seahawks GM John Schneider hit the local airwavest today to promote his really great charity, Ben's Fund, and to talk about the Matt Flynn trade, the future at the backup quarterback position, and also interestingly, the plan to keep Seattle's core group of players with the team.

Maybe it's just me, but it seemed like he's preparing people for the real option that the franchise will have to let some fan favorites go.


"We've created models that go three years out, to be able to do the best job we can in taking care of our own players and keeping this core group together. When Pete and I got together we talked about establishing a team that was going to be highly competitive, at every position. And then, at some point, when we've got this thing hummin', we're going to have to make some tough decisions."

"You know, everybody wants to be the highest-paid at what they do. But, it just doesn't work that way. So, we're going to do what we feel is best to try to keep this team together and we feel like we've set ourselves up to be able to make the appropriate decisions as we move forward, but, you know, it's a good thing when you have to make these tough decisions. It's not always easy to move on from players but at some point, we may get to that spot."

As for re-signing Kam before he hits free agency:

"Yeah, that's a goal of ours, sure."

Considerably more tepid than the Pete Carroll version of "we're working on Kam right now."

Schneider on 710ESPN Seattle:

JS on with Ian Furness, SportsRadioKJR.