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Gone fishin'

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

I'll be taking a short hiatus from blogging for the next ten days while I go off the grid and travel the world a lil' bit and relax, so I've set up a bunch of pre-written articles to appear here at Field Gulls during my vacation. They're of the NFL Draft Scouting and random Seahawks' video fare, so apologies in advance for the lack of in-depth articles from me over the next couple of weeks. I'm guessing that Kenny, Jacson, Davis, Ben, Jared, Mike, and the fellas will be posting some good stuff in the meantime, so you should be good to go, but I will be worthless, as I'm not even sure I'll have access to internet or roads where I'm going (not the future/back in time).

Nonetheless, I'll be back in action starting on Monday the 22nd as we all gear up for the Draft (squeals), so until then, Go Hawks.

/furrows eyebrows...

Go Hawks.