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Seahawks sign Antoine Winfield to a one-year deal


Multiple sources (Including ESPN's Mike Sando,'s Albert Breer and our own Curtis Crabtree) have confirmed that the former Vikings defensive back has come to terms with the Seahawks for a one-year deal this afternoon. Apparently he's being on the fence this past week deciding between his former team, the Redskins and Seattle, and it would seem for now he has made the right decision.

At 35 years old, Winfield played last year at a high level for Minnesota and is currently regarded as one of the best nickel/slot DBs in the league. He carries with him a standout ability to stop the run and help out the one weakness that plagued the Seahawks defense last year - third downs and quick game. Along with the previous moves of Percy Harvin, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett and Brady Quinn, the Seahawks enter the draft with ten selections and has practically addressed all the questions they ended last year with. For a team that was this close to a Conference Championship berth just four months ago, that's pretty scary. And exciting.

As heard via the Twitter feeds both Davis Hsu and John Clayton (two guys that I usually turn to when the Seahawks are concerned with math) predict the deal will be set within the 2-3 million range, which I think leaves us with another 5-6 million of rollover to 2014. I'm more reassured by the fact that Winfield won't be costing us a compensation pick next year either, as he was not slated to enter FA. We'll have more information to update as things move along while you run around the room with your pants on the ground.


Contract numbers are in as reported by Kareem Copeland report that it's a one-year, three million dollar deal with only one million guaranteed. Winfield had also turned down three million guaranteed from the Vikings.

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