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Riddle me this

One writer's draft board in riddles...can you figure them out?

Raylan Givens is a ???
Raylan Givens is a ???

The last couple years, coach Pete Carroll has taken to Twitter on the cusp of the NFL Draft, where he has left cryptic clues, in the form of songs or movies, as to who the Seahawks would be targeting in the draft. With that in mind, and in anticipation of my own 6-round Seattle Sea-Mock (coming April 24th), I thought I would put together a little list of many of the names on my draft board, but veiled in riddles. It’s a little something to challenge the FieldGulls family minds, and pass the time for the next couple weeks.

There are more than 10 names/picks here, as my board contains more than a final 10, and the method is very abstract, word-association, six-degrees of separation type stuff. I encourage you to make your guesses in the comments. With that in mind, and in no particular order, here they are. Good luck!

Canary grass rock

Danley Shakespeare twins

Beatup a king and his emo grandpa

2 princes and a lead brick

Hopeful sniper rifle plus four

Backup qb that isn’t very dull

British Johnson, Jimmy

Oral for Craig and my brother

Michelangelo test and straw

Great steak knockoff

Breezeless Kansas on ford

Bell atop a brunette

Acute Irish, self-improvement lister

Magpie kid on Sunday

Jedi hatches

Pastrami and pull dump gang

Charles off Russell

Class speaker isn’t rabbit

Vodka oj on a plane