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NFL Draft 2013 Seahawks Sleepers: T Brennan Williams, UNC

The "Seahawks Sleepers" series is a flurry of quick scouting reports on some players that I've identified as potential targets for Seattle. My goal with this series is to highlight a few players that John Schneider, Pete Carroll and their scouting team might be interested in, and to give a brief synopsis as to why. For the most part, I'm high on the guys that I'll be pointing out - and I'll be monitoring them during the Draft and in Rookie Free Agency. Also, for the most part, these are mid- to later-round prospects because let's be honest, you're probably sick of reading about first- and second-round type guys.

T Brennan Williams, UNC - 6'6, 318

Williams isn't a sleeper and I'm sure he's well known to many of you, but I wanted to include him anyway because draft boards are fairly varied when it comes to his stock. Tony Pauline's board lists him as a 2nd rounder, while CBSSports/ lists him in the 5th round range. Regardless, if Seattle takes in anywhere in that range, I'd be a happy man.

Williams is a pure right tackle and that's where he'll be playing in the Pros. I'm always a little leery taking a left tackle in college and projecting him to the right side in the Pros because sometimes switching sides just doesn't compute for a player. You're used to playing on the left, you're left-handed, perhaps, and it just feels natural to play from that side - and if you're asking a guy to switch to the right side, that's like asking a snowboarder/wakeboarder to ride switch (goofy) after not doing it previously. As a former snowboarder/wakeboarder, I will tell you this - it feels weird as shit, and crashes/faceplants are a given. It's like learning to write with your left hand or shoot a three with your offhand. Takes practice. So I've heard, at least.

Anyway, apart from that, I just like Williams and his style of play. He stays balanced, and controlled, is light on his feet, and uses his long (34") arms to lock onto defensive ends in pass protection. He's also a good run blocker - probably his specialty - and I think this will really appeal to Tom Cable. Williams also has good NFL bloodlines, as his father Brent Williams was an NFL Defensive lineman that amassed 45 sacks, mostly with the Patriots.

The Seahawks need a long-term solution at RT and paying Breno Giacomini isn't really an option, considering Russell Okung, Max Unger, and probably James Carpenter are going to get paid the big bucks as well down the line. That means, RG/RT have got to come from the Draft. I like Brennan in the round 2 to round 4 range.

Here, Williams talks about how he and the North Carolina offensive line wants to get mean, nasty and scary, and they certainly did that in 2012, becoming one of the top rushing units in the country.

Also, here's a compilation of him throwing defenders to the ground. Which is nice.

BRENNAN WILLIAMS - Highlight Videos, Schedule & Roster - Hudl
Pancake action.

Why Seattle?

The offensive line is a huge part of Seattle's identity. I'm pretty confident they'll dedicate one of their higher picks this year to a right tackle or guard. Williams might be a major target - he's got the size they want, the attitude they like, and comes from a run-heavy program.

Video courtesy of the excellent DraftBreakdown.