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NFL Draft 2013 Seahawks Sleepers: DT/DE Quinton Dial, Alabama - 6'6,318

The "Seahawks Sleepers" series is a flurry of quick scouting reports on some players that I've identified as potential targets for Seattle. My goal with this series is to highlight a few players that John Schneider, Pete Carroll and their scouting team might be interested in, and to give a brief synopsis as to why. For the most part, I'm high on the guys that I'll be pointing out - and I'll be monitoring them during the Draft and in Rookie Free Agency. Also, for the most part, these are mid- to later-round prospects because let's be honest, you're probably sick of reading about first- and second-round type guys.

DT/DE Quinton Dial, Alabama - 6'5, 318

Dial is a 4-3 DT/3-4 DE type guy that intrigues me simply because of his excellent length. The Seahawks have shown a propensity to be interested in players of his ilk - Tony McDaniel comes to the front of my mind - and Dial was a rotational contributor to the excellent Alabama defensive line as a JC transfer and former highly sought after recruit.

The Ravens and 49ers have already shown an interest in Dial and while those two teams both obviously run 3-4 defenses, they're also both known for identifying and drafting excellent defensive linemen.

There's not a whole lot out there on Dial but here's his NFL Combine Profile:

STRENGTHS Versatile athletic defensive lineman who plays on the nose, three-technique and five-technique spots on either side of the line. Tall, powerful player who can drop his hips despite his height to hold his ground or drive his man backwards on bull rush. Also capable of holding the edge against the run, using strong arm extension and hands to contain or crash inside. Has good short area agility for his size, and often hustles to the ball. Wraps up ballcarriers in tight quarters with bad intentions.

WEAKNESSES Did not start many times during his time at Alabama, leading to a lack of production, especially against better offensive lines. Solid space eater who does not get off the ball with great pace or shed quickly enough to make stops against the run consistently. Will fail to break down quickly in the backfield or in space to make tackles against more elusive ballcarriers. Gets cut easily and can be put off-balance during his pass rush because of his height, though he tries to recover quickly. Underwent offseason toe surgery.

Why Seattle?

The Seahawks have seemed to target former blue-chip recruits and/or recent big-school transfers that have seen their stock fall in recent months or seasons. Dial was formerly a top recruit but had issues with grades that forced him to a JUCO program. He came back to Alabama but wasn't as productive as you'd hope, sharing time with some other very good D-Linemen, like Jesse Williams, for instance.

He's got insane length at 6'5 with 34.5" arms and big mitts, and he plays mean. He seems Seahawky to me.