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Seahawks 2013 Schedule: Seattle has four primetime games on schedule

The NFL released their schedule on Thursday, and Seattle gets to play for a national audience four times, including twice on Monday night.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

So as teased earlier in the day, it's NFL SCHEDULE RELEASE DAY! Which is the best thing since "Nudie Magazine Day!' Hey look, a new copy of "Drunk Chicks"!

Then again, we already knew all sixteen opponents, and I felt like it was safe to assume that Seattle was going to be on Monday night, Thursday night, and Sunday night at least once a piece. We knew that they would be on the road eight times and at home eight times, and the order of those games... well, we sort of make a bigger deal out of it than we really should.

A year ago, back when we still thought the Seahawks were just an average NFL team at best, few people predicted wins over the Packers, Patriots, or at Chicago Bears. Nobody predicted losses to the Cardinals, Rams, or Dolphins. The schedule is out. The order is relevant. But we honestly do not know how relevant is really is.

Go ahead and start predicting wins and losses, just know that the Seahawks are one of the most popular teams in the NFL right now, isn't that neat? They play four times on primetime and who knows if a Week 17 matchup against the Rams gets flexed! I hope you like all your AFC teams bunched together.

I dare you to pick losses!

Week Opponent
1 @ Carolina Panthers, 10 AM PST, FOX
2 San Francisco 49ers, Sunday Night Football on NBC
3 Jacksonville Jaguars, 1:25 PST, CBS
4 @ Houston Texans, 10 AM PST, FOX
5 @ Indianapolis Colts, 10 AM PST, FOX
6 Tennessee Titans, 1:05 PM PST, CBS
7 @ Arizona Cardinals, Thursday Night Football
8 @ St. Louis Rams, Monday Night Football
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1:05 PM PST, FOX
10 @ Atlanta Falcons, 10 AM PST, FOX
11 Minnesota Vikings, 1:25 PM PST, FOX
12 Bye
13 New Orleans Saints, Monday Night Football
14 @ San Francisco 49ers, 1:25 PM PST, FOX
15 @ New York Giants, 10 AM PST, FOX
16 Arizona Cardinals, 1:05 PM PST, FOX
17 St. Louis Rams, 1:25 PM PST, FOX

There it is!

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