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NFL Draft 2013: The Armchair GM Championship

It's back. Time to start guessing which players the Seahawks will be choosing in the draft!


Kickoff for the 2013 NFL Draft is less than a week away. For Seahawk fans, anticipation for the draft is at a record low. Gone are the days of looking toward the future. The Seahawks could forego the draft and still have one of the league's strongest rosters. Without a first round pick, the players we do select will have an uphill battle to make a significant impact in 2013. A few probably won't even make the final cut.

Still, the draft has fueled Seattle's current roster and it's importance won't diminish any as the salary cap becomes tighter in the coming years. Pete Carroll and John Schneider have found tremendous success outside the first round in their first three drafts. We can only hope that trend continues in 2013.

On that note, I give you the second annual Armchair GM Championship. In a nutshell, the challenge is to predict Seattle's draft picks. You will rank the twenty prospects most likely to be selected by Seattle in the order you feel is likeliest. If your top player is picked then you score 30 points. If your second player is picked - 29 points. Third player -28 points, etc. Your final ranked player will be worth 11 points. Whoever accumulates the most points by the end of the draft is the winner.


-- Submit a list of 20 players eligible for the 2013 draft.

-- Score points by predicting Seahawk draft picks.

-- Whoever accumulates the most points by the end of the draft is the winner.

Tie Breaking (2 tiers)

Who predicted the most picks.
Who scored highest for the highest round.

Simply post your list in the comments section below and you'll give yourself a chance at becoming a champion draft nerd. There's really no higher honor that can be bestowed upon thee. In order to prevent the comments section from growing to the length Russell Wilson's... arm, please post your list in a horizontal manner. For example, let's take a look at HI Hawk 808's *retroactive* winning list from last year:

1) Melvin Ingram, 2) Dont'a Hightower, 3) Janzen Jackson, 4) Mark Barrron, 5) Bruce Irvin (26 points), 6) Dequan Menzie, 7) Zach Brown, 8) Mychal Kendricks, 9) Lamar Miller, 10) Brock Osweiler, 11) Tank Carder, 12) Marvin McNutt, 13) Bobby Wagner (18 points), 14) Chandler Jones, 15) George Iloka, 16) Robert Turbin (15 points), 17) Jake Bequette, 18) Russell Wilson (13 points), 19) Coby Fleener, 20) Josh Chapman

Add those up and you arrive at 72 points. Can anyone do better this year? Hawksince77 was the only contestant who had Bruce Irvin at the top of his list in 2012, so I'm disqualifying our lack of a first round pick as an excuse for failure. Somebody has to break 75 or I dunno how I'll sleep at night. Although Percy Harvin highlights make for a decent sleeping pill.

Here are some notable stats from last year's competition:

Per List Hit Rate: 95.7%

45 out of our 47 submitted lists predicted at least one pick for the Hawks. That's an excellent number. Can 100% of our lists predict at least one pick in 2013?

Total Average Score per List: 34.38

This is the real test for Field Gulls. Can we break 35 this year?

Bruce Irvin Predictability: 10.62 (average score per list)*, 48.9% (prediction rate)

Bobby Wagner Predictability: 4.83, 25.5%

Russell Wilson Predictability: 10.47, 51.1%

Robert Turbin Predictability: 8.19, 38.3%

Winston Guy Predictability: 0.28, 2.1% (Props to Hawks4372 for the late round prediction)


So let's see those lists. I'll repost this article to the top of the front page on Wednesday for any last minute submissions.