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NFL Draft 2013: The Field Gulls Database

Ball. So. Hard.

What do you mean some blog has our big board?
What do you mean some blog has our big board?
Rod Mar - Seattle Seahawks

As a fellow member of what I considered to be the best sports staff in the interwebs, I pride myself in educating not only my fellow 12th men (and women) but also providing a different perspective to my 31 co-workers (no, really!) on similar subjects, X's-and-O's and players. Personally, this is what I think sets Field Gulls apart from regular sports blogs, and as a collective site, I can assert we may be the most prepared community when it comes to the NFL Draft.

The writers and fellow posters have written so many tremendous pieces of analysis, reports and other informative material on this year's class (even if we didn't have a first round pick) that I feel obligated to re-share here as a testament of their hard work. With nearly 75%-85% of the articles about the upcoming Thursday/Friday/Saturday, I am really proud and honored that we may have truly left no stone unturned in terms of scouting the college ranks. (Interesting note: the earliest article about this year's draft I found was written in July. That's right folks, we started scouting the 2013 rookies three months after the 2012 Draft. Jeez)

You may remember a similar compilation last year and how I mentioned the FO had a consistency of turning heads with their picks. James Carpenter, John Moffitt, Richard Sherman, Bruce Irvin, Russell Wilson. So many names that echo uncertainty and "reach" and "surprise" upon being called on the podium. After three seasons, I doubt we will ever be prepared enough to fully guess who we're going to take, but we sure as hell will know why we did so.

Here are the respective sections of the database:

State of the Team:

An in-depth look at the strengths and weakness of the overall team, the cap structure and numbers revolving its players and the positions that the Hawks will target.

Seahawks Roster "needs" & 2013 NFL Draft forecasting - Ben Harbaugh, 12/14/2012. Ben looks at how the Seahawks can fill the needs of TE, DL and OLB in the upcoming draft.

Thoughts on the Upcoming Offseason - Davis Hsu, 1/21/2013. Davis analyze how the Seahawks should approach the two biggest events of the offseason - Free Agency and the Draft - and discuss what the FO will do in the weeks leading to them.

Draft Thoughts Part 1: An Overview - Davis Hsu, 4/9/2013. Following many important moves in the offseason, Davis has put together some thoughts on the Draft and the state of things for the Seahawks, as it is probably better to do this than clog your twitter timeline.

Draft Thoughts Part 2: The Offense - Davis Hsu, 4/10/2013. Following many important moves in the offseason, Davis has put together some thoughts on the Draft and the state of things for the Seahawks, as it is probably better to do this than clog your twitter timeline.

Mock Drafts/Draft Boards: Self-Explanatory.

By Mike Chan:
3/9/2013 - Ten Positions, Seven Rounds
3/21/2013 - Top Fifty Players, Seven Rounds

By Daddy.Danny
3/13/2013 - Seven Rounds, Seahawks Only

By Matt Erickson:
1/30/2013 - First Round, V.1
2/19/2013 - First Round, V.2

By MJDarby15
2/4/2013 - Seven Rounds, Seahawks Only, V.1
2/18/2013 - Seven Rounds, Seahawks Only, V.2

By GasolineSnuggie and walkerm2
3/27/2013 - MTD Community Draft and Team Board, Two Rounds

By Davis Hsu
4/19/2013 - Seven Rounds, Seahawks Only

By Jared Stanger:
1/6/2013 - Seven Rounds, Seahawks Only
4/13/2013 - Nineteen Players, Riddle Form

By Derek Stephens:
1/21/2013 - First Round, V.1
2/6/2013 - First Round, V.2

By TravisJW
3/10/2013 - Six Rounds, Thirty-Two Teams,

By the Collective Field Gulls Staff
2/11/2013 - First Round, Picks 1-24
2/12/2013 - First Round, Pick 25
2/20/2013 - First Round, Picks 26-32

By SB Nation Writers
4/4/2013 - First Round

Scouting Reports:

Mostly specific to how the player will fit in the team's scheme or playbook. Game tape will be provided.


Tyler Bray, Tennessee
Danny Kelly - 7/7/2012

Landry Jones, Oklahoma
Danny Kelly - 7/8/2012

Tyler Wilson, Arkansas
Danny Kelly - 7/5/2012


Andre Ellington, Clemson
Danny Kelly - 4/11/2013

Christine Michael, TAMU
Danny Kelly - 4/19/2013

Latavius Murray, Central Florida
Danny Kelly - 4/14/2013


Tavon Austin, West Virginia
Ben Harbaugh - 2/1/2013
Jacson Bevens - 2/14/2013

Jaron Brown, Clemson
Danny Kelly - 4/19/2013

Justin Brown, Oklahoma
Danny Kelly - 4/15/2013

Justin Hunter, Tennessee
Jacob Stevens - 2/12/2013

Marques Goodwin, Texas
Danny Kelly - 2/13/2013

Tyrone Goard, Eastern Kentucky
Danny Kelly - 4/20/2013

Ace Sanders, South Carolina
Danny Kelly - 2/13/2013

Rodney Smith, Florida State
TravisJW - 3/4/2013

Terrence Williams, Baylor
TravisJW - 2/4/2013


Zach Ertz, Stanford
Ben Harbaugh - 2/14/2013
David Crockett - 2/14/201

T.J. Knowles, Sacramento State
Danny Kelly - 4/18/2013

Levine Toilolo, Stanford
Danny Kelly - 4/13/2013


Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina
Kenneth Arthur - 2/14/2013
Danny Kelly - 2/14/2013

Derek Stephens, 2/21/2013

D.J. Flunker, Alabama
Danny Kelly - 2/6/2013
Jon Benne - 2/14/2013

Manase Foketi, West Texas A&M
Danny Kelly - 4/16/2013

Vinston Painter, Virginia Tech
Danny Kelly - 2/18/2013

Hugh Thornton, Illinois
Derek Stephens - 2/14/2013

Brennan Williams, North Carolina
Danny Kelly - 4/16/2013

Menelik Wilson, Florida State
Danny Kelly - 2/6/2013
Derek Stephens - 2/15/2013


Rufus Johnson, Tarleton State
Danny Kelly - 4/21/2013

Datone Jones, UCLA
Mike Chan - 2/12/2013
Kenneth Arthur - 2/20/2013

Eric Martin, Nebraska
Danny Kelly - 4/11/2013

Trevardo Williams, Connecticut
Derek Stephens - 2/5/2013


William Campbell, Michigan
Danny Kelly - 4/20/2013

Quinton Dial, Alabama
Danny Kelly - 4/17/2013

A.J. Francis, Maryland
Danny Kelly - 4/20/2013

Glen Foster, Illinois
Danny Kelly - 4/17/2013

Kwame Geathers, Georgia
Danny Kelly - 4/18/2013

Montori Hughes, Tennessee-Martin
Danny Kelly - 2/4/2013

Omar Hunter, Florida
Danny Kelly - 4/16/2013

Dion Jordan, Oregon
Matt Erickson - 2/14/2013

Bennie Logan, LSU
Derek Stephens - 2/19/2013

Earl Okine, Florida
Danny Kelly - 4/19/2013

Kawann Short, Purdue
Jared Stanger - 2/14/2013

Jesse Williams, Alabama
Ben Harbaugh - 2/9/2013

Nick Williams, Stanford
Danny Kelly - 4/17/2013

Sylvester Williams, North Carolina
Kenneth Arthur - 2/20/2013


Khaseem Greene, Rutgers
Rob Staton - 2/14/2013
Derek Stephens - 2/14/2013

Zavier Gooden, Missouri
Derek Stephens - 2/8/2013

Philip Steward, Houston
Jared Stanger - 2/9/2013

Chase Thomas, Stanford
TravisJW - 2/19/2013


Tyrann Mathieu, LSU
Ben Harbaugh - 7/8/2012
Joey Rebbe - 3/24/2013
Kenneth Arthur - 4/12/2013


Shamarko Thomas, Syracuse
RockyRaccoon - 2/14/2013

Duke Williams, Nevada
Derek Stephens - 2/10/2013

Gary Walker, Idaho
Jared Stanger - 4/15/2013

Bundle Analysis:

Articles where the writer address groups of players/a particular position and provides insight about them, but not detailed enough to be a scouting report itself. In short, a "teaser" of players. Game tape usually included.

Seahawks Draft Focus: Potential 2013 Targets for Seattle - Rob Staton, 11/17/2012. Rob takes a look at some of the prospects that could be on Seattle's draft radar come April. Even though this was written in midseason, it's worth a read as a testament of not only how far we come, but how applicable our problems still are after one season. (Game tape: Alec Ogletree, OLB, Georgia and Cordarrelle Patterson, WR Tennessee)

Draft Podcast Part 1: Targets for Outside Linebacker - Davis Hsu and Derek Stephens, 12/28/2012. Davis and Derek discuss how the team plans on to address the OLB position and discuss who can fill in Leroy Hill's role. (Game tape: Alec Ogletree, OLB, Georgia; Khaseem Greene, OLB, Rutgers; Arthur Brown, OLB, Kansas State)

A Closer Look at DE's - Jared Stanger, 1/8/2013. Jared re-evaluates the need to fill the DE spot with two types of college players to consider, as well as some in-depth study on select draft-eligible players. (Game tape: Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky and Malliciah Goodman, DE, Clemson)

Tight Ends: The Gangster of Love - Jared Stanger, 1/12/2013. Breakdown of the Tight End class for the 2013 NFL Draft, with Seattle Seahawks needs/tastes in mind. (Game tape: Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati and Brandon Ford, TE, Clemson)

East-West Shrine Game Spotlights on Small School Players - Jared Stanger, 1/15/2013. We look at two players who opened up eyes in practice that might land themselves a roster spot this April.

Potential Backup Quarterbacks in the Draft - Jared Stanger, 1/18/2013. Written prior to the Matt Flynn trade, Jared analyze a few players in the draft that's about to become the most underrated importance of the team. (Game tape: Nick Florence, QB, UCLA; Matt Scott, QB, Arizona; Ryan Aplin, QB, Arkansas State)

Draft Watch: East-West Shrine Game Players - Jared Stanger, 1/19/2013. Who the Seahawks scouts will be watching closest at Saturday's East-West Shrine College All-Star Game. (Game tape: Sio Moore, OLB, Connecticut and Josh Boyd, DT, Mississippi State)

Draft Podcast Part 2: Targets for Defensive Tackle - Davis Hsu and Derek Stephens, 1/22/2013. The duo are back to tackle the next position in line for the Seahawks defense - the big men in the trenches.

7 is the New 5 - Jared Stanger, 1/25/2013. Who can the Seahawks pick as their late round sleeper this year, you ask? Just read this article and you'll find out! (Game tape: Caleb Schreibeis, OLB, Montana State; Brandon Kaufman, WR, Eastern Washington; Walter Stewart, OLB/DE, Cincinnati; Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook; Casey Brockman, QB, Murray State; Ryan Aplin, QB, Arkansas State)

2013 Senior Bowl Recap - Danny Kelly, 2/1/2013. Just in case you missed the game, the wonderful Danny Kelly has kept a list of who to look out for and included the full game (cut up between defense and offense) for you to do your own analysis. (Game tape: Senior Bowl, Full Game)

Three Mid-Round Wide Receivers - Derek Stephens, 2/5/2013. Here's a quick look at three WRs that Derek scouted today that could be potential Seahawks targets, beginning with the most likely, and ending with the least likely.

Breakdown of the Tight End Position - Danny Kelly, 2/8/2013. Danny traces the TE position back to its roots with former offensive coordinator Al Saunders, and discuss the potential targets for the Seahawks to take amidst a crowded, but injury prone group.

Strength in Depth: Mid-Round Prospects to Keep an Eye On - MJDarby15, 2/8/2013. There are a few different possibilities on what to do with our first couple of picks, including trading up or back, taking the best player available or filling a roster hole not covered in free agency. There are a few different positions that have been highlighted for us to target early, including 3-tech, WILL backer, WR, OL, TE and LEO. Here is a (very) short list of mid-round guys who could plug a gap and have good upside. (Game tape: Bennie Logan, DT, LSU; Jelani Jenkins, OLB, Florida; Jon Bostic, OLB, Florida; Travis Long, OLB, Washington State; Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina; Xavier Nixon, Florida; Joseph Fauria, TE, California; Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State)

Draft Podcast Part 3: Wide Receivers Philosophy - Davis Hus and Derek Stephens, 2/15/2013. The fellas talk about general scouting philosophies to keep in mind, and then break down some of the wide receivers group in this year's draft.

The Garbage Ail-ment Kids - Jared Stanger, 2/16/2013. It feels like there are a shockingly high number of players going into this year's draft with some serious injury concerns (if not serious current injuries). How can the Seahawks take advantage with a relatively full roster? (Game tape: Tank Carradine, DE, Florida State; Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky; Walter Stewart, DE, Cincinnati; Kapron Lewis-Moore, DE, Notre Dame; James Gayle, DE, Virginia Tech; Shamarko Thomas, S, Syracuse; DJ Hayden, DB, UCLA; Chris Thompson, RB, Florida State; Benny Cunningham, RB, Middle Tennessee)

Chicks Dig the Long Ball(ers)- Jared Stanger, 2'/17/2013. Jared discuss the PC/JS's unique "fetish" of players of unusual length and sees what kind of players fit the mold. (Game tape: Armonty Bryant, DT, East Central Oklahoma; Rashard Hall, S, Clemson; Rodney Smith, WR, Florida State)

Draft Podcast Part 4: Wide Receivers Philosophy - Davis Hus and Derek Stephens, 2/18/2013. The fellas talk about general scouting philosophies to keep in mind, and then break down some of the wide receivers group in this year's draft.

Defensive Tackle Rankings - Derek Stephens, 2/20/2013. Below are three separate rankings for the 2013 DT group. First (the body of the article), I've listed overall rankings with analysis on each prospect. The second list (table 1) is Seattle-specific and ranks the "3 technique", pass-rushing DTs, which I believe to be Seattle's biggest need. The third and final list (table 2) is also Seattle-specific and ranks the top "5 Technique" candidates for Seattle's strong-side run-stopping role, currently occupied primarily by Red Bryant. For this role, you need a long, powerful athlete with quick get-off, strong instincts against the run, and an ability to consistently collapse the right side of the offensive line.

There's No Multiplying in Football - Jared Stanger, 2/23/2013. There's never a identical player in the NFL. So based on measurements, who's the closest guy to our left tackle anchor, Russell Okung?

Identifying the LEO Prototypes - Danny Kelly, 2/26/2013. Pete Carroll once mentioned that the LEO "has to be one of your best football players. Size does not matter as much. We want an athletic player who can move around." So who in the draft can do that?

The Tilt-a-World Ride - Jared Stanger, 2/27/2013. The 2013 NFL combine has come and gone. After all the measurables have been taken, we look for the one quality in draft prospects that is immeasurable. (Game tape/Interviews; Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State; Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky; D.J. Swearinger, S, South Carolina; Brennan Williams, OT, North Carolina; Armonty Bryant, DT, East Central Oklahoma; Shamarko Thomas, S, Syracuse; Spencer Nealy, DE, Texas A&M)

LEO and Outside Linebacker Rankings - Derek Stephens, 2/28/2013. Derek list the top 20 players on what can be considered the most important and valuable position in Pete Carroll's defense.

Seahawks in Attendance for UMass, Arkansas Pine-Buff, Minnesota Pro Days - Danny Kelly, 3/4/2013. What exactly could the Seahawks be so interested in with regards to small school players?

Draft Podcast Part 5: Scouting the Rush Linebackers and Defensive Ends - Davis Hsu and Derek Stephens, 1/22/2013. The pass rush has been sorely lacking for the Seahawks defense in the past few seasons. Derek and Davis talk about how they will address the issue here.

Drinking Up the Fifth - Jared Stanger, 3/9/2012. Why the 5th round of the NFL Draft has been, and will continue to be, important and so good to the Seahawks. (Game tape: Luke Batton, ILB, Kent State; Mark Harrison, WR, Rutgers; Uzoma Nwachukwu, WR, Texas A&M; Gary Walker, OLB, Idaho; Manase Fokaeti, OT, West Texas A&M; Rayon Simmons, RB, Wiona State)

Personnel Philosophy:

We uncover every little information available that we can link to Pete or John in an attempt to deeper understand the "why" behind every selection, trade, or signing.

Let's Talk About the Seahawks Trades and Free Agents - Danny Kelly, 1/23/2013. Danny talks about the Seahawks roster and how the FO will look to build the team with regards to drafting and offseason methods.

The Combine Numbers - Danny Kelly, 1/28/2013. How exactly does the measurements in the combine affect the FO's grading and placement of their players? Let's find out.

The Last Three Years - Kenneth Arthur, 2/19/2013. It certainly seems like John Schneider and Pete Carroll have been dynastic in the NFL draft so far, but how do their picks rank against the league? Here's a ranking of players drafted in that time.

The Mysterious Interview Process - Danny Kelly, 2/21/2013. What exactly go on behind a closed door interview between a GM, Head Coach, and a prospect?

Seahawks Scouting Process No Longer a Secret - Danny Kelly, 2/21/2013. The NFL is a copycat league based on successful teams. The Seahawks are unconventional in team building. The Seahawks were successful. The Seahawks' front office ways are no longer secretly awesome.

Seahawks Scouts Seem to Have a Type - Danny Kelly, 3/7/2013. The Seahawks favor a bruising, smash-mouth style of football. I say that a lot. Only because it's true.

Breaking Down the 'Joker' Tight Ends - Danny Kelly, 4/42013. Athletic, hybrid tight ends are carving out an important place in the modern NFL. Which players in the 2013 NFL Draft represent the next generation of jokers? (Game tape: Jordan Reed, TE, Florida; Vance McDonald, TE, Rice; Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego State; Ryan Otten, TE, San Jose State)

Breaking Down the H-Backs - Danny Kelly, 4/11/2013. The H-back, a combination of tight end and fullback, is an important part of the NFL game plan. Which players in the draft could help offenses with their combined abilities as a blocker and receiver? (Game tape: Mychal Rivera, TE, Tennessee; Chris Gragg, TE, Arkansas; Kyle Juszczyk, FB, Harvard; Phillip Lutzenkirchen, TE. Auburn; Justice Cunningham, TE; South Carolina;

All the Seahawks Pre-Draft Visits - Kenneth Arthur, 4/11/2013. Last year, 7 out of 10 the rookies PC/JS selected visited the VMAC before being picked on draft day. Who will be the next set of players that will come back to Seattle?

Smart Listens/Reads:

Articles that focus more on other draft analysts not part of the FG crew.

Mock Drafts by Mel Kiper, Todd McShay - Danny Kelly, 2/7/2013. Resist the urge to laugh.

Mike Mayock Talks with Rich Eisen - Danny Kelly, 2/14/2013. Highly respected NFL Draft analyst Mike Mayock joined Rich Eisen for a podcast this week, and hits on a lot of different positional groups, names his 'best player in the Draft' (Chance Warmack), talks about what he thinks about this year's crop of quarterbacks, and much more.

Mayock's Offensive Rankings, Conference Call Notes - Danny Kelly, 2/19/2013. Mike Mayock recently released a pre-Combine list of his top-5 NFL Draft prospects at each positional group, supplemented here with some conference call notes.

Mayock's Defensive Rankings, Conference Call Notes - Danny Kelly, 2/27/2013. Mike Mayock recently released a pre-Combine list of his top-5 NFL Draft prospects at each positional group, supplemented here with some conference call notes.

Senior Bowl director Phil Savage talks NFL Pro Days - Danny Kelly, 3/14/2013. Phil Savage is currently a player personnel executive for the Philadelphia Eagles and has spanned twenty years in the NFL's front office, most recently with the Baltimore Ravens as the director of college scouting under Ozzie Newsome and a three year term as the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. Hear his thoughts on the 2013 draftees here.

More 'Film Room' with Greg Cosell & Adam Caplan - Danny Kelly, 4/5/2013. Join Greg Cosell and Adam Caplan inside the film room as they break down what constitute the good quarterbacks, defensive tackles, linebackers and wide receivers.

Mel Kiper Mock Draft, 2.0 - Kenneth Arthur, 4/5/2013. Resist the urge to facepalm.

Reads by Matt Waldman - Danny Kelly, 4/15/2013. Matt Waldman has been creating the annual rookie scouting portfilo that details his own scouting reports and analysis of each draft class. He knows his stuff, and I recommend that you read some of it to improve your draft mind.

Reads by Greg Cosell - Danny Kelly, 4/19/2013. Greg Cosell imparts some of his knowledge.


Personal ramblings, thoughts, or other articles that doesn't fit the criteria above.

Analyzing College Defensive Production - Jared Stanger, 1/10/2013. A singular statistic to allow comparison of college defensive players, within and without all position groups, to aid in evaluating draft potential you say? Jared's here to test it out.

What's in a Name? - Jared Stanger, 2/2/2013. Jared takes time to outline the best players with the weirdest names in the upcoming draft.

Once Again, the Internet Reach No Consensus - Kenneth Arthur, 2/15/2013. Smith or Joeckel? Barkley in the 1st round? Wait next year for a quarterback? Lots of questions in this years draft.

In Search of Accurate Scouting - Jacob Stevens, 2/22/2013. The play-by-play read simply, "Tyler Bray pass incomplete." Something was missing, especially if the wideout's reported mental lapses were to be corroborated.

NFL Combine Measurements - Danny Kelly, 2/22/2013. For QB's, RB's, WR's, TE's, OL

Drafting Efficacy in the NFC West 2010-2012 - Bobby Cink, 2/26/2013. Bobby talks about how the then-weak and hopeless NFC West suddenly drafted themselves into a powerful, relentless division.

What is the value in one-hundredth of a second? - henryv, 2/26/2013. henryv discuss the importance of this value and why it suddenly makes a big difference in where you're drafted.

Change or Die: Finding a Defensive Response to Evolving Offenses in the NFL - Danny Kelly, 3/6/2013. NFL offenses are changing, leaving coaches scrambling to find answers on defense. How will this affect the selection of defensive players in terms of attributes and qualities?

A Look Back at the Ruskell Era - Kenneth Arthur, 3/26/2013. Entering the fourth draft under Pete and John, it's important to look back at the guy that ran the show for the five years prior. Just how bad (or good) was Tim Ruskell?

What to Expect from a 2nd Round DT? - Ace Hindu, 4/7/2013. Ace breaks down just how fast - and how great - a second round interior guy can be and what the Seahawks can expect if they draft one in April.

Complete Seahawks Draft History - Kenneth Arthur, 4/16/2013 Amidst the lows and highs, we look back at the classic names called for the Seahawks at Radio City Music Hall.

The Benefits of Drafting a Offensive Tackle in Round 2 - Ace Hindu, 4/14/2013. This time, Ace takes a look at the argument for taking the second anchor alongside Russell Okung to solidfy the offensive line unit for the future.

Other important draft links (Non-Field Gulls related):

Seahawks Draft Blog - Rob Staton and Kip Earlywine run their own station of draft needs, analysis, mock drafts and scouting reports catered to your Seahawks fandom

Scout the Seahawks - Derek Stephens' other blog that's described as "a site dedicated to analysis and discussion of all things Seattle Seahawks, but with a specific emphasis on front office activity from the standpoint of evaluating and developing player personnel."