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NFL Draft: The Field Gulls Hangout Fun Time With Special Guests is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow you say? Yes, tomorrow! It's gonna get crunky fresh!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

"Everything I thought I knew about how to watch the NFL draft has been changed forever."

"Unflinching, this production failed to flinch a single time. I was looking for flinches, I got none."

"Not as bad as I thought."

"Makes Mel Kiper look like Mel Kiper!"

These are just some of the reviews that will be put out after tomorrow's Google Hangout on Field Gulls. The Fun Time Explosionfest Crocodile Pants Monster Weewooweewa "Sexy Time Explosion" Hangout will run in several one hour segments starting around 4:30 PST so when you come to Field Gulls to talk about the NFL Draft with your friends, you can also put on commentary with myself and special guests in the open thread!

Guests include:

- Rob Staton of SeahawksDraftBlog

- Joe McAtee from Turf Show Times is a rival and friend of mine that will give perspective on a team that has picks in the first round.

- Jacson Bevens, you know

- Lady Antebellum

- Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country is scheduled to stop by and talk about the Jaguars pick at number two, and his first impressions of Gus Bradley.

- David Fucillo of Niners Nation is scheduled to drop by later and talk about how he's feeling about the way the draft is setting up for the 49ers.

- Possibly more!

It's an idea that I've kicked around and now we are going to do it. The only bad ideas are ones that you never let come to fruition. And Caveman on NBC. Okay, there are definitely bad ideas, but you have no idea how good or bad your idea is until you try it. We're going to give you the best we got for as long as we can go, so please tune in and support us if you like! Rob will co-host the Hangout on Seahawks Draft Blog and then maybe we'll get it on some other sites too. It all depends on the reception of Day one, so please feel free to tune in. We'll take questions and talk about football and movies and beer and serious relationship advice.

It's gonna "Be the thrill ride of my Thursday night!" says Aint It Cool News!