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Seahawks Draft Needs

A quick overview of some of Seattle's needs as they head into the 2013 draft. Could they possibly find players that can contribute next season?

SB Nation asked me to put together a quick video on some of the Seahawks draft needs. "Needs"? I am laughing out loud fellas! (If only there was a shorthand for laughing out loud, I could save so much time.)

If this video lacked "energy" and "pizzazz" it's probably because I expected to be thrown into the middle of a longer video but then I found out I was center stage apparently. And it was 6 AM. And the Seahawks traded away their first round pick and got "all good all of a sudden" which takes some of the excitement away from this years draft and makes it an afterthought towards the bigger goal of winning a championship with the players we already have on board.

I think that Seattle will come away with some good players in the draft, but can any of them do anything to help next season?