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The Adventures of Lil Dangeruss vol 2: Meet the Colonel

Last week we saw where Lil Dangeruss came from, now it's time to start finding out where he is going.

For part one of The Adventures of Lil Dangeruss and how he came to be, please start here.

And now, back to the Adventures of Lil Dangeruss...











What is to become of Danger? Can the Colonel be trusted? What is this school and what friends could he meet along the way? You'll have to stay tuned to find out! You can also now follow Lil Dangeruss on Twitter! Speaking of staying tuned...

The Adventures of Lil Dangeruss™ is a living, growing beast and obviously I would love to turn it into something more. I can't believe that you're still letting me do the drawings! Last week I found out that we have some pretty kick-ass animators around these parts, but time is money. I thus far have at least one person that wants to be involved in animating The Adventures and if you are a cartoonist, animator, or would otherwise like to be involved then please email weinstein at digitalworkshopnyc dot com. We would like to start a Kickstarter campaign. I went on Kickstarter for the first time last weekend and it seems legit but I don't know anything about it still, so maybe you just have Kickstarter ideas like giveaways for donations? Maybe you want to be a character in the Animated Series?? That seems tight!

It would also help if you are Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll, the Seahawks, Warren Moon, or someone with some sway. I do this because I love my Hawks and I legitimately care about maintaining their positive reputation. I think that this series carries a positive message, but also has some offbeat humor and can be fun for all ages. That's my only wish. I hope you continue to enjoy it, if you are already. Thanks. #GoHawks.

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