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Vegas projects Seahawks for 10.5 wins, one game behind the 49ers

And I have Las Vegas for over/under 10.5 years before a total economic collapse on par with Greece.


The last time I was in Las Vegas I lost about $1200, mostly playing poker. It's pretty much the only type of gambling that I do, because I like the idea of being in control of my own destiny (sort of) and playing against other idiots just like me. Betting on sports has never worked out very well for me, and I can't imagine the kind of defeat I'd feel if I bet $1200 on the Seahawks and we both lost.

I'd just be grateful that the Vegas hotel windows don't open.

Early odds from the LVH Superbook are out for over/under wins for next season, and while the 49ers, Patriots, Broncos and Seahawks were sort of considered "the big four" at the end of last year they have Seattle a bit behind the rest of the other three right now; The first three teams are pegged at 11.5 wins while the Seahawks are at 10.5. Those bastards!

Of course, it would really only take a margin of error of 0.5 for the Niners and Seahawks to be tied at 11 wins and it's very likely that their Week 14 matchup at San Francisco will be of dire consequence.

In other news, the Rams were put at 7.5 wins and the Cardinals at 5.5. Only the Jaguars (5) sit behind Arizona in these projections. Looking down the list, pretty much anyone at 7 wins seems like a perfectly reasonable bet for a playoff appearance if things go right (Panthers, Lions, Chiefs, Dolphins, Vikings, Eagles, Chargers, Buccaneers) whereas just under that does seem like a longer shot, with the Jets and Titans at 6.5 wins.

The Seahawks Week 4 opponent, the Texans, are pegged at 10 wins. The Colts (Week 5) at 8.5 wins. The Falcons (Week 10) at 10 wins. The Saints (Week 13) at 9 wins and the Giants (Week 15) also at 9 wins.

Sort of puts in perspective again how difficult the schedule could be, even though Seattle is better than all of them and will win the Super Bowl anyway so who cares go hawks go hawks go hawks.