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Russell Wilson high school highlights

This is awesome.

Ok, so I was in a goofy mood the other day and wrote an incoherent, meandering diatribe about how grainy and crappy Russell Wilson's high school highlights footage is despite the fact it was filmed in 2007, which really wasn't all that long ago, and by chance, the real, actual cameraman that filmed this "sh*tty-ass-grainy-over-exposed video" that I described (what a jerk I am), showed up. Like a bawssss. The most awesome thing ever.

From BroLaxChill:

Haha, I'm the a**hole who filmed this
My older brother forwarded me this link. I went to middle and high school at Collegiate while Russell was in school. I was the football videographer my senior year. I was working with one of those awful camcorders that taped directly onto a mivi DV tape. We were definitely behind the curve when it came to digital media.

I'd like to point out that I don't hold BroLax personally responsible for being issued a sub-par, obsolete video camera - and frankly the framing and cinematography is top-notch (and he's a scholar and a gentleman). To boot, he was nice enough to point out the rest of Russell's high school highlight tape that he personally filmed, so this is definitely worth a post. This is more post-worthy than anything I've ever posted. Enjoy. And thank you, BroLax, for being rad.