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Seahawks DC Dan Quinn on scheme changes, moving players

Via Mitch in the Morning, SportsRadioKJR:

5-31 Dan Quinn - Seattle's live and local sports station
Mitch in the Morning is joined by new Defensive Coordinator for the Seahawks, Dan Quinn. They talk about the new looks Quinn will be bringing to the Seahawks, some of the players and how to close out games on defense.

On the subject of which I wrote this morning - the 4-3 Under Fronts and Over Fronts, and the roles for Cliff Avril and Bruce Irvin: "Yeah, we're going to play our LEO and our SAM linebackers - they're similar in the way that these guys can play on their feet, they can take a guy in the flat, they can set the edge, but most important is their ability to rush. So you'll see them both on their feet and in a three-point, doing both of those things for us."

On Bruce playing LB in OTAS: "In our defense, we're planning on putting our guys into a couple of roles, that way we he play some linebacker, he can play some defensive end; we're doing it with a couple of guys, some of the interior linemen - they're a d-end, they're a tackle, we've done that with Michael Bennett, so, Bruce, and Cliff, and Michael Bennett, those guys are all learning two roles, and they'll be counted on to do both of those."

On the "Leroy Hill spot": "Malcolm Smith is certainly one that we've been doing there - and we've been playing a number of of guys in that role. So, Malcolm's done some of that, and Irvin's done some of that, and Avril, who trained at both, been doing some of that; That spot - the third outside linebacker, some of the times they'll be on the line and other times they'll be stacked behind the ball, and those guys have done a good job of learning so far, and being really active so far in the first set of OTAs."

On Antoine Winfield and the ability to go nickel: "You said it earlier, as a nickel, he's a run support player, so we can totally count on him - so, maybe in some traditional sets where you would've played some base defense where [with him] you can play some nickel. He's quick, he's sudden, he can get his hands on guys when he's playing man-to-man, he's got good feel for zone."

Quinn also addresses Red Bryant and his role in the scheme this year. Interesting stuff.