Michael Bennett cut-ups - Now also week 2 & 3!


Hello friends! I believe this is my first fanpost! Yay! Here we go!

So the draft is over, and I have watched pretty much all there is to watch on most of our draft picks. So, I decided to dig a little bit deeper on our free agent additions, and wanted to start off with DE/DT Michael Bennett. Then i came across a problem. As with almost all NFL players, nobody has put a cut-up of Michael Bennett out there. I don't know about you, but I got a little annoyed when I wasn't really able to find any good tape on Michael Bennett on YouTube! I enjoy watching players on back-to-back plays, giving me a much better way of analyzing what a player does well, and also not so well, without the interference of offenses, other defensive players, etc.

So, since nobody else has made these videos, I have set out to record every single of Michael Bennett's snaps from last season, in 16 videos. One of each game he played in.

Since I'm not really an expert on the subject, I won't bother you with any analysis. I will be posting the videos as I finish making them, editing them in here.

I hope that you guys will discuss his play in the comments section.

As always, I apologize for my wording and grammar, if somethings wrong. I hope its alright. I'm foreign!

Michael Bennett - Week 1 - CAR @ TB

Michael Bennett vs. Carolina Panthers - Week 1 (via Danishkid1988)

Bennett plays most of his snaps from off the edge in this game, but also has a few on the interior, both on the left and right side of center.

As promised, I will be editing videos in here, as I finish cutting them. Next up:

Michael Bennett - Week 2 - TB @ NYG

Michael Bennett vs New York Giants - Week 2 (via Danishkid1988)

Bennett does an overall better job in this game. I especially seem to like Bennett on the few snaps he gets on the interior. He has a mean bullrush, and at times just seem too fast for interior OL. Once again, I hope you will contribute int he comments section. (And sorry for the no sound. Still getting used to my movie software, as I'm totally new to making these kinds of videos)

Michael Bennett - Week 3 - TB @ DAL

Michael Bennett vs. Dallas Cowboys - week 3 (via Danishkid1988)

This is a great game from Bennett. I'm starting to realize that he is one of the most consistent bullrushers I know of. I just consistently pushes his opponent backwards, and plays with great padlevel and leverage. Just watch Bennett DOMINATE Witten with about 2.10 left of the 3rd quarter. Bennett seems to be getting more snaps on the interior, and I really like what I'm seeing. He has amazing lower body strength!