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In case you missed it: Marshawn Lynch comes in at #24 on NFL's Top-100

I know this is a week or two old by now, but in case you missed it, Marshawn Lynch checked in at #24 on the NFL's Top-100 players list. Which is fitting, considering Lynch wears the number 24.

I don't know whether or not Lynch should be higher than this, but once you get into the top-25 you're really going to be nitpicking about the specific order - and regardless, you can rest assured we're talking about the elite of the elite. With about 1700 active players on NFL teams during the season, these are the top one-percenters, and I certainly think Lynch belongs in that group. When you hear so much about Beastmode this, Beastmode that, you forget that there is so much more to his game apart from his ability to break tackles and pick up the extra yard. As the video points out, he's got great explosiveness, great vision, great anticipation, and in my opinion, has elevated his game to elite levels because he's become so disciplined in the Tom Cable zone-blocking scheme. He's truly the workhorse for the Seattle offense and without him, they'd look a lot different.

Watch the video above.