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I am no longer accepting submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated or started trying to but then stopped half way.

Hello excellent Field Gulls community.

I'm working on a piece that I'd very much appreciate some help on. What I'd like you to do is finish the following table with the number of players from the given position that you'd carry on a 53 man roster. Assume that the list represents every possible position.

C, #, CB, #, DE, #, DT, #, G, #, K, #, LB, #, LS, #, P, #, QB, #, RB, #, S, #, T, #, TE, #, WR, #

Example filled out:

C, 2, CB, 6, DE, 4, DT, 4, G, 4, K, 1, LB, 7, LS, 1, P, 1, QB, 2, RB, 4, S, 4, T, 4, TE, 3, WR, 6


  • Please aim for 53 players on your roster, no need to triple check but if you end up with 90 I'll just throw out your data.
  • Please carry at least one player at every position.
  • Russell Wilson may only play one position.
  • Please avoid looking at any comments already posted and adjusting your numbers. I can do the aggregating.
  • Go quick if you want. This isn't meant to take more than a few minutes out of your day.
  • And remember, this is for posterity, so be honest.


If you contribute data I'll let you pick a single word that I must include in the piece this appears in. Go ahead and leave that in your post.