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Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Brandon Browner combined carry lower cap number than Andrew Luck

Well this certainly seems like a good deal for us.

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Pick your top three Seahawks. The three players you could never let go of for anything.

Here was your answer:

Russell Wilson

Richard Sherman

Earl Thomas

Now, am I a psychic? Some sort of soothsayer? A witch, perhaps? Burn me alive, you say? Do I look like some sort of character on Game of Thrones? Obviously not... do you see a bunch of naked ladies around me? I thought not.

Wilson, Sherman, and Thomas are for my money the first three guys you put on a "don't touch" list for Seattle. It's hard to pick and choose, it's hard to leave out a guy like Russell Okung or Percy Harvin or Bobby Wagner, but there's a solid bet for your top three players to be a franchise quarterback (non-negotiable) and perhaps the best corner and safety in the league. On the next level of that, somewhere could exist Brandon Browner.

Jason La Canfora posted his "Best Deals" list on CBS Sports yesterday and several Seahawks showed up. Well, you can guess which four Seahawks showed up, right? Obviously I'm not the only one that's not a psychic...

Wilson, Sherman, Browner, and Thomas. The biggest cap hit posted by La Canfora (of which the final numbers could have slight discrepancies) was Thomas at $2.9 million. The other three were all well under a million dollars and carried a combined cap hit of $4.737 million for four of the very best players on a very good team.

Andrew Luck's cap hit for 2013? $5,000,000. Zeros included for emphasis.

Wagner comes in at just under $1 million. Golden Tate at $880k. KJ Wright at $676k. Doug Baldwin pays Pete Carroll $450 per week.

Every team has players that don't cost a lot. They're just rarely your very best players and some of the very best in the NFL and thanks to some savvy drafting, Seattle has a third, fifth, middle-1st round pick and undrafted free agent that cost less against the cap than Luck and also just a hair less than Robert Griffin III. ($4.8 mill)

That's hot.

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