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Percy Harvin "Get Well Soon" Cards

Our favorite new toy may have gotten one of his robo-legs ripped off. I hope these cheer him up!

Stephen Brashear

Sometimes it almost seems like the Ice Cube song "Today Was A Good Day" is the opposite of what it's like in Seattle. I mean, we could even call it the "Ice Cube Curse"...

"And the Lakers beat the Supersonics."

Why did Cube have to specifically call out the Sonics? I mean, has there ever been a time when the two teams or two cities had a real rivalry? I know that I always wanted to beat the Lakers because the Lakers are the Lakers, but why the hell did Cube care about Seattle? What's the inverse cause for the Lakers beating the Sonics? Because it rhymed.

Too coincidental, sir.

Word comes down today that the player I have most been looking forward to seeing play this year is hurt. It might be a little hurt or a lot of hurt. We will find out. But just the fact that he's hurt at all concerns me and so I made him some cards. I hope he likes at least one of them!

Take One: Bad pun attempt



Take Two: Welcome to the Seahawks...



Take Three: Adding insult to injury



Take Four: But I thought she said they didn't...


Take Five: An easy fix