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Harvin can wait

Don't say we didn't warren you, but I'd actually beatty that not only will the Seahawks be okay without Harvin to star the year. It might also be a blessing in disguise.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin is having surgery on his hip. He could be out for 3 to 4 months and heck he might miss the whole year, it's way too early to determine that.

There is your depressing lede. Now here is my take on the matter.

It could be great news.


Last season through seven games, Russell Wilson played mostly like a rookie quarterback. He threw eight touchdowns, seven interceptions, he was reigned in and several games into it some people were still fiercely holding onto the Matt Flynn safety blanket. The Seahawks started 4-4 and most would agree that this team wasn't ready for the playoffs.

Playoffs? Good sir and madam, are you talking about playoffs? Playoffs? Doth smoke crack too much.

You know what sucks? A player going out with injury. You know what really sucks? A player going out with injury in the middle of the season and you know his year is done.

For all intents and purposes the Wilson that you love and love hard today is not the same player that this team mostly won in spite of to start the year. That's not to take too much of a dig at first-half Russell, but this was a top five defense if not in some ways the best defense in the league when they wanted it to be, and they started 0-3 in the NFC West because Wilson had more growing pains than Mike Seaver.

But he showed me that smile again (show me that smile) when a new Russell was "injected" in many ways into the offense by the second half of the year and of course Seattle was one of the best teams in the NFL when it mattered. You know what sucks? A player going out with injury. You know what really sucks? A player going out with injury in the middle of the season and you know his year is done.

The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl last year. Their defensive MVP Terrell Suggs started the year on PUP. Their best player in franchise history, Ray Lewis, missed ten games and only returned when the playoffs started.

You know who didn't win the Super Bowl? The Texans because they always lose their key player in Week 5.

Seattle's fortunate circumstances last year with injuries was something to behold. It's clearly not repeating itself, nor should we expect it to, nor should we think that an injury will end our season. If you're going to miss eight games, miss the first eight.


I was at the gym earlier getting my work out on (fer the bebes) and I'll admit that an idea popped into my head. A conspiracy theory idea that makes no sense but maybe it's just so crazy that it has to work.

That's like Felix Hernandez adding a knuckleball to his repertoire in September

In many ways getting Percy Harvin in Week 10 would be extremely beneficial to the Seahawks. Or Week 12 or Week 14, whatever. We can all agree that the Seahawks were a playoff team (or strong contender) without Harvin, yes? That even if he missed the whole year, Seattle should be projected for 10 or 11 wins.

But what if you had the Seahawks at 8-3 with a really good offense and really good defense and then just said to the league "boop, we're adding one of the best skill players in the entire NFL right now haha."? How in the holy f-you-SEA-kay do you stop that? And we aren't just talking about adding, I don't know, Anquan Boldin in Week 13 and saying "Well shit, he's a good player."

We still have no idea what the Seahawks plan to do with Harvin.

I've had visions of all these nutty formations with Harvin and now teams won't even get to plan for it until Christmas is closer to us than Labor Day. That's like Felix Hernandez adding a knuckleball to his repertoire in September, should it ever matter to the Mariners to contend in September.

In terms of game scheme, this could get really nutty. Imagine the 49ers and Seahawks tied for first going into their Week 14 matchup and it's Harvin's first game back and he's completely healthy. "Oh you're planning for us per usual, guys? Because we know what you're gonna wanna do with Crabtree, but we've actually had Harvin lining up as a third tight end so go suck an egg."

This could be complexually fascinating when he returns.


Percy Harvin is young, fun, and full of run. And catch. And is yung money. Basically, we are invested into Harvin Enterprises and though some people are crying about "he signed for all this money and now he's not even playing wah!" we also must remember that -- Percy Harvin is a young piece of the future of the franchise and signed to a lot of money.

The smart thing to do was to get this done now, to get it fixed, and to move on. Because Harvin has dealt with a lot of injuries in his career but he's played through most of them up until recently. If you're in the NFL as a fan for short-term goals, you're in the wrong sport.

Hell, you're in the wrong hobby.

Because sports are not short-term. Sure, you've seen teams go "all in" for a single year and win championships, but that's very rare. Did you see the movie The Core with Aaron Eckhart? No?

Listen, the most important thing is the core of this football team and Harvin is a major piece of that. Getting hurt at a young age is not always a big deal. Remember Frank Gore's injury history? Willis McGahee? Adrian Peterson? Sidney Rice played a full season last year. There is very little chance that Harvin is Bob Sanders. He's already got more healthy seasons than Bob Sanders.

Get it fixed now, it's the intellextual thing to do.


You saw this coming. And yes, I'm still aroused at the mere notion that we actually have Percy Harvin. The offense was ridiculously fun to watch last year and it's still going to be that way this year.

The only difference is that a playoff run could get a dose of Harvin added to the mix.

Danny Kelly compared Harvin to "NOS" and you don't hit your NOS early unless you're a little Fast and the Furious filler bitch in a race that's only there to make Paul Walker look like a good driver. You hit that shit in the final leg when you're zoomin' past tomato trucks and flying through two buildings and smashing into a high school basketball game and leaping up out of your car to make the game-winning dunk and then driving out of the stadium and then hitting the NOS again to get enough boost to drive under the ocean and getting to Europe and going 200 MPH into a brick wall without a seatbelt and walking away Fast 7 Furious coming Fall 2014.

THAT is what Harvin is to this team.

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