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Field Gulls and sports podcasts this season

Ichiro, advanced stats, the NFL on YouTube, and alcohol. I debut my first podcast and announce a few more on the horizon.

girls dig the podcast
girls dig the podcast
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

So I write a lot of words every week. Probably something like, I don't know, 10,000 words a week and mostly on SBNation. That can be pretty taxing, especially since I'd love to finish writing a book so that I can have some sustainable amount of cash coming in, even if it was a dollar a day.

A day!

Recently I have also been listening to a lot of podcasts and realized that they are, in some way, the wave of the future. I mean, I know that they have already been around for awhile and that there are already a million podcasts, but once wi-fi is available everywhere from your local coffee shop to Yellowstone National Park, who is going to choose radio over a la carte podcasting? You can get almost everything from podcasts and with iTunes you can have all the music you want as well.

In an effort to be a part of that wave of future and actually probably not do any less writing just because I've taken on this podcast project, I've decided to make some podcasts this year. Or at least, give it a shot.

What kinds of podcasts?

Pretty soon I plan to start doing a sports podcast with fellow Field Gulls writer Aaron Di Silvestro and as soon as that's out, I'll let you know. I think the idea we have for that is pretty darn good.

Also, the Google Hangouts that i have with Jacson and guests will be able to broadcast via podcast as well once we are done taping them. So you can watch them live or listen to them later, which will probably be a lot more convenient.

Finally, the one that I taped last night is just something that I'm trying. You have to try a lot of different things to find something that works and maybe it will and maybe it won't. That's a part of life. This is called STFU aka Sports The F*** Up. It's available on blogtalkradio, whom SBNation has an agreement with.

You can listen to it here below or download it here: STFU1 (NSFW) (It's got a cuss word right in the title, there's plenty of cussing of course)

In the first episode I talk about Ichiro's 4,000 hits, advanced stats, the NFL's talks with Google to broadcast games on YouTube, and what it's like to live alone and become an alcoholic. I'm willing to put on my tough skin and take some feedback because this is my FIRST podcast and I know there are growing pains, which may include me sometimes channeling Oprah? Personally, I listened to it and thought I got a lot better after 15 minutes or so and getting more comfortable. Let me know what you think and I HOPE you like it, and then we will have at least a trio of podcasts by the time the season rolls around.

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