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Seahawks Pre-Preseason Hangout with Hawkblogger

We are talking about the Seahawks, training camp, preseason football, and introducing a new segment called King Arthur's Court!

It's our last Hangout of the offseason, and our first hangout of the... preseason? Yeah, sure, let's go with that.

We've got Brian Nemhauser aka Hawkblogger coming by to chat with Jacson and me about Seahawks training camp, our free agent additions, what to expect this year, and maybe what it's like to be a family man that has a family to think of while I'm wasting away as a loner in this lonely world.

But less lonely when we have these Hangouts!

I'm also going to try a "segment" like this is PTI or one of those ESPN shows, I guess. Will it be fun? About as fun as ESPN you filthy animals. What are you reading this for? Watch the Hangout. That's the purpose of having things to watch.

Seahawks are cool, Seahawks are neat, We are Seahawks fan, We are neat.

So they want us to have 150 word-oh there we go.