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Help a fellow Gull out

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

That header photo sure got your attention. Ok, now that I have it...

Dear Gulls - I wanted to post this to help out a friend, Kyle Rancourt, a writer over at CougCenter and a former fellow writer over at SBN Seattle. I'll let him describe the situation:

From Kyle:

I'm not sure if you guys have heard just yet, a couple weeks ago (7/27), there was a fire in my condo complex, and our place was completely burnt down. Luckily no one was hurt, as my wife & I were in Lacey at my in-laws for the weekend. But we lost basically everything we own.

Link here:

Insurance will cover a lot of stuff, but not everything. Insurance also takes a while to pay out. In the interim, we'll be ok. We just found a new place, and our friends and families are helping out financially. I have had a lot of people ask if/how they can help. My friend set up a Go Fund Me account for us, so I figured I'd pass that on to the Field Gulls team in hopes of you guys spreading the word a bit. (It says my wife set it up, but that's just because we edited the page with pictures and a story)

Anything at all helps. People are donating $5 and that's great. People don't need to donate $100 dollars each time. $5 and $10 goes a long ways to buying simple stuff we need like food and toiletries. If people don't want to donate money, we could use help with clothing and blankets, too. Kenny knows this as a Coug, but it's your duty as a WSU alum to own a million pieces of WSU clothing. I lost a ton of Coug memorbilia, and that's shitty. I also lost two Seahawks jerseys and a Field Gulls t-shirt (the only one in existence I believe). So if people instead want to donate Seahawks stuff they don't use or wear anymore, we'd love to take that, too. If they are interested, you can post my email address and I'll give them our new address.

If you'd like to get in touch, Kyle's email is: He's on Twitter @KyleRancourt.

Obviously, any little thing helps, and I will attest to the fact that he did in fact buy the ONE Field Gulls t-shirt that we sold last year (I guess I should probably be promoting that we have Tshirts huh... I will be promoting that more this year, yes). Regardless, judging by the fact that he literally purchased (with money) a Field Gulls t-shirt then tweeted the photo of it to me, it's obvious he's a pretty awesome dude.

(Photos of the damage)